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Southern Kurdish
Kurdí Xuwarig
Spoken in Eastern Iraq, Western Iran
Region Main in Western Iran, Kermanshah, Ilam Province, Eastern Iraq border with those provinces including Xanaqin, Kirind, and Qorwaq.
Total speakers About 3,000,000 [1] in Iran and elsewhere.
Language family Indo-European
Language codes
ISO 639-1 None
ISO 639-2 sdh
ISO 639-3 sdh

Southern Kurdish (Southern Kurdish: Kurdí Xuwarig) belongs to the North-Western Iranian languages and is predominantly spoken in western Iran and eastern Iraq. In Iran, it is spoken in the provinces of Kermanshah (Kirmaşan) and Ilam. In Iraq it is spoken in the region of Khanaqin (Xaneqîn), all the way to Mandali, Pehle. It is also the language of the populous Kurdish Kakayî tribe near Kerkuk and the Zengenes near Kifrî. There are also populous diasporas of Southern Kurdish Dialects group found in the Alburz mountains. Its dialects are Kolyaî, Kermanshahi (Kirmaşanî), Kalhuri, Garrusi (Gerrûsî) (Bijari), Sanjabi (Sencabî), Malekshahi (Melikşay), Beyrey or Mahaki (which is a sub-dialect of Feyli) and Feyli (ilami). It had around 3 million speakers in Iran in 2000. [2][3]

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