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Sliced soy cheese in a snack platter
Open package of soy cream cheese

Cheese analogues are cheese substitutes made most frequently from soybeans but also made from rice, almonds, nutritional yeast and other non-dairy ingredients. Cheese analogues are available in many of the same varieties as their dairy counterparts. These products are usually consumed due to certain dietary preferences, such as veganism, religious restrictions (most cheese analogues are kosher pareve, after approval of a Rabbi), lactose intolerance or milk allergies.

Different brands of cheese analogues may or may not be entirely free of dairy ingredients, since many of them contain casein. The following most widely known vegan cheese brands contain no casein: Cheezly[1], FYH Vegan Gourmet Cheese[2], Sheese[3], Teese[4], and Tofutti. Soy-free vegan cheeses include: Chreese and Veganrella[5](all are certified vegan and therefore 100% casein free).

Cheese analogues are available in these types:



Cheese analogues may be lower in fat compared to their dairy counterparts; however, they are generally equal in fat compared to their low-fat dairy counterparts. Cheese analogues are cholesterol-free and are often a source of soy protein and isoflavones. Many soy cheeses have calcium added.[29]

Comparison to dairy cheese

Some cheese analogue brands melt similarly to dairy cheese (in a very hot oven or broiler),[30] while others stay mostly firm, or melt only when grated. As for taste, cheese analogues have been reported to taste from similar, to slightly different, to completely different from dairy cheese. Cheese analogues may have an aroma differing from the mammal-derived cheeses or develop it only while being melted.


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