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Soyuz 7K-T or "ferry" (1973-1981)
Soyuz 7K-T 2-seats drawing.png
Upgraded Soyuz 7K-T version capable of carrying 2 cosmonauts with Sokol space suits (after the Soyuz 11 accident)
Role: Carry cosmonauts to space stations
Crew: 2
Height: 7.48 m
Diameter: 2.72 m
Volume: 8.5 m³
Salyut 1-type Soyuz 7K-T/A9 for 3 cosmonauts without space suits. This was the Original Soyuz 7K-OK upgraded for the military Almaz space stations. The probe and drogue docking system (left) permitted internal transfer of cosmonauts from the Soyuz to the station.

The second generation of the Soyuz spacecraft, the Soyuz Ferry or Soyuz 7K-T, comprised Soyuz 12 through Soyuz 40 (1973-1981). Although still using the Igla system, these had no solar panels, employing batteries. The replacement of solar panels with batteries limited it to about two days of undocked flight.

A modified version of this spacecraft flew on Soyuz 13, where instead of the docking system a large Orion 2 astrophysical camera for imaging the sky and Earth was used.

Another modification was the Soyuz 7K-T/A9 used for the flights to the military Almaz space station. This featured the ability to remote control the space station and a new parachute system and other still classified and unknown changes.


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