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Soyuz TM-3
Mission insignia
Mission statistics
Mission name Soyuz TM-3
Crew size 3
Call sign Vityaz (Knight)
Launch date July 22, 1987
01:59:17 UTC
Gagarin's Start
Landing December 29, 1987
09:16:15 UTC
140 km NE of Arkalyk
Mission duration 160 days, 7 h, 25 min, 56 s
Number of orbits ~2,580
Related missions
Previous mission Next mission
Soyuz TM-2 Soyuz TM-4

Soyuz TM-3 was the third Soviet expedition to the Mir space station.




Mission parameters

  • Mass: 7100 kg
  • Perigee: 297 km
  • Apogee: 353 km
  • Inclination: 51.6°
  • Period: 91.0 minutes

Mission highlights

Mir with Kvant module and Soyuz TM-3 supply ship

3rd expedition to Mir. Faris was the first Syrian in space. Alexandrov was Laveikin’s replacement aboard Mir, becoming Romanenko’s new partner.

Syrian guest cosmonaut Mohammed Faris and Soviet cosmonaut Alexandr Viktorenko returned to Earth in Soyuz-TM 2 with Alexandr Laveikin, who was diagnosed by ground-based doctors as having minor heart problems. He was replaced by Alexandr Alexandrov. The Visiting Expedition observed Syria and conducted materials processing experiments.



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