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Title card of Spaced.
Genre Sitcom
Written by Simon Pegg
Jessica Stevenson
Directed by Edgar Wright
Starring Simon Pegg
Jessica Stevenson
Nick Frost
Mark Heap
Julia Deakin
Katy Carmichael
Country of origin  United Kingdom
Language(s) English
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 14 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Humphrey Barclay
Tony Orsten
Producer(s) Gareth Edwards
Nira Park
Running time 24 min. average
Production company(s) London Weekend Television
Paramount Comedy Channel
Original channel Channel 4
Picture format PAL (576i)
Original run 24 September 1999 – 13 April 2001

Spaced is a British television situation comedy written by and starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, and directed by Edgar Wright. It is noted for its rapid-fire editing, frequent pop-culture references and jokes, eclectic music, and occasional displays of surrealism. Two series of seven episodes each were broadcast in 1999 and 2001 on Channel 4 and then again in Q4 2009 on Dave.



Tim Bisley (Pegg) and Daisy Steiner (Stevenson) are two London twenty-somethings who meet by chance in a cafe while both are flat-hunting. Despite barely knowing each other, they conspire to pose as a young professional couple in order to meet the requisites of an advertisement for a relatively cheap flat in the distinctive building at 23 Meteor Street, Tufnell Park, which is owned by and also houses the landlady, Marsha Klein (Julia Deakin). Also in the building is Brian Topp (Mark Heap), an eccentric conceptual artist who lives and works on his various pieces in the ground floor flat. Frequent visitors are Tim's best friend, Mike Watt (Nick Frost) who ends up becoming a lodger after Marsha's daughter Amber "flies the nest", and Daisy's best friend, Twist Morgan (Katy Carmichael).

The series largely concerns the colourful and surreal adventures of Tim and Daisy as they navigate through life, decide on what they want to do with their lives, come to terms with affairs of the heart, and try to figure out new and largely unproductive ways of killing time. Tim and Daisy repeatedly stress that they aren't a couple to everyone but Marsha, but despite (or because of) this, romantic tension develops between them, particularly during the second series.

Main characters

  • Tim Bisley (Played by Simon Pegg): Tim, often seen with his skateboard, his Chocolate beanie, or his PlayStation controller, is an aspiring comic book artist (his surname is an homage to real life comic artist Simon Bisley), amateur skateboarder, and passionate follower of cult fiction in many forms, including video games, science fiction, and especially - at least initially - the original Star Wars trilogy. He is a rather grumpy and short-tempered soul, quick to irritation at the slightest provocation, mostly because his girlfriend, Sarah (played by Anna Wilson-Jones), broke his heart and dumped him after an affair with Tim's friend - Duane Benzie (played by Peter Serafinowicz). He's currently writing and illustrating a graphic novel about an orphaned boy who has been inadvertently transformed into a giant mutant bear by an "oxypheromalkahyde" steroid created by the experiments of the crazed Doktor Mandrake, who now is trying to find this bear so that he can replicate the results. Tim hasn't actually tried selling his work, because he's afraid that people will laugh at both it and him, as shown by flashbacks in-show of an evil-looking man (who is later found to be Damien Knox, editor of Darkstar Comics) laughing at Tim's work. A traumatic incident in his childhood when attempting to cure a fear of dogs merely left him terrified of dogs, lightning and bamboo instead. He initially works as an assistant manager at a comic book shop, "Fantasy Bazaar", alongside its manager/owner, Bilbo Bagshot (played by Bill Bailey). In the second series, he lands his dream job as a graphic artist at Dark Star Comics. Tim consistently demonstrates more of a work ethic than Daisy, although his adverse reaction to Twiglets makes him violent.
    Tim and Daisy
  • Daisy Steiner (Played by Jessica Hynes): Daisy is an aspiring writer, although she tends to spend most of her time actively avoiding doing any writing - or any other actual work for that matter. Whereas Tim is often grouchy and sour, Daisy is sunny, enthusiastic and cheerful, and at times overwhelmingly so. She can also be aggressive and confrontational at times, as demonstrated when she joined an employment agency only to lose most of the jobs she was assigned through her negative attitudes (including snapping "Fuck you!" to customers when presented with reasonable requests). She considers herself to be quite intellectual, even though she only graduated from Kingston University with a third class degree in Humanities. She has a tendency to babble in conversation, making social interactions rather more difficult to navigate than they necessarily have to be. She also has a tendency to interfere in other people's problems or lives as a way of avoiding focusing on her work or her own problems. Daisy bestows most of her love in a shockingly high pitch upon her dog Colin, a Miniature Schnauzer, whom she rescues from being put down. Daisy also possesses an innate knack for martial arts, although this is seldom called into use. Her greatest desire was to go to India and see the Taj Mahal, a goal which she accomplished between series one and two after having actually published some articles for a change (her trip was also aided by inheritance money from her deceased aunt).
  • Marsha Klein (Played by Julia Deakin): Marsha, the permanently sozzled landlady, is never seen without a lit cigarette in one hand, and a glass of red wine in the other. Once a promising young athlete, she retired from athletics after receiving a leg injury and became a groupie instead, resulting in several marriages that ended bitterly and a teenage daughter, Amber, with whom she is near-constantly arguing. She passionately lusts after Brian, an attraction which stems from a hazy, torrid incident in the past where rent negotiations became somewhat more sensual than usual as a result of Brian's sheer poverty. She's utterly delighted to have new, young friends, which is slightly awkward, as she's the only one who doesn't know that Tim and Daisy aren't actually a couple.
  • Brian Topp (Played by Mark Heap): The lodger in the flat below Tim and Daisy's, Brian is a rather bizarre and somewhat angst-ridden and pretentious artist. Quietly spoken and intense, Brian gives the impression of being almost psychotic and sociopathic; in fact, he's just very shy and timid. His main artistic drives are anger, pain, fear and aggression, and his art is, according to him, 'a bit more complex' than watercolours. Both his artistic drives and his social maladjustment can be traced to the death of his childhood pet dog Pom Pom, run over by a truck when playing with Brian (who used to dress him up in period costumes and photograph him). He frequently behaves in a tormented fashion, particularly when Marsha's lusting after him. He is in love with Twist, and embarked on a torrid relationship with her before they broke up towards the end of series two. Despite this, his sexuality is quite complex and frequently alluded to throughout the series, as he seems quite undecided at times. When directly asked if he's gay he replies that he is not, but in a manner that suggests he thinks he ought to be. At the start of the first series, he has a strong dislike of contemporary art, but is quite talented in its use, and by the end of the second series he overcomes his disregard and proudly displays his abstract portrait of Twist in public. The character of Brian was originally written for Julian Barratt, who had previously worked with Wright, Pegg and Stevenson in their previous series Asylum. Barratt was unable to play the role so Mark Heap was cast instead.[1]
  • Mike Watt (Played by Nick Frost): Mike is Tim's best friend. He wishes dearly that he could join the British Army, but unfortunately is ineligible owing to the detached retinas he received following a painful childhood accident when jumping from a tree after being egged on by Tim, and as such, must console himself with membership in the Territorial Army instead. The first series revealed that Mike had been thrown out of the TA because he stole a Chieftain tank and tried to invade Paris with it while on weekend manoeuvres in France. At a readmission hearing, it is revealed that Mike's invasion plan failed because he stopped at Euro Disney and was apprehended on Space Mountain. Mike is granted readmission by the end of the first series however, and even advanced to the rank of sergeant during the second series. Mike is very protective of Tim, and subtle suggestions over the course of the series indicate that Mike may have a slight crush on him (evident in such 'subtle' indications as Tim and himself holding hands at the start of some scenes, most obviously in the Paintball episode: their hands are parted by a tree). Despite his military pretensions, Mike is a sweet and caring individual who is deeply hurt by being put aside in favour of Tim's growing relationship with Sophie (played by Lucy Akhurst) in series two. The character was based on a recurring joke character between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (who are best friends outside of the series). When writing Spaced, Pegg included the character and persuaded Edgar Wright to cast Frost.
  • Twist Morgan (Played by Katy Carmichael): Twist, Daisy's best friend, is (in the words of Tim) either 'sweet, but stupid, or an evil genius'. She 'works in fashion' (i.e. a dry cleaner) and is an atrociously superficial 'fashion fascist'. She is prone to giving backhanded compliments to Daisy, particularly about her size, weight or clothing choices. It is never mentioned in the series how Daisy and Twist met, though various extras on the DVD boxset state that they met at university. Although she and Brian are social opposites with apparently incompatible fashion sense, they did have an intense love affair, mainly based on sex, which ended badly. It is alluded though that they both still love each other. Tim has said she is like "Cordelia Chase from Buffy the Vampire Slayer".


Style and references

According to Simon Pegg, the series Northern Exposure and its frequent use of fantasy sequences was "one of the key influences" in the creation of the show. In fact, he and Jessica Hynes pitched the show to LWT as "a cross between The Simpsons, The X-Files and Northern Exposure."[2][3]

References to popular culture — particularly but not exclusively to science fiction and horror films, comic books and video games — abound in Spaced to the extent that the DVD of Series 2 includes the "Homage-o-meter", an alternative set of subtitles listing every reference and homage; for the "Definitive Collectors Edition" DVD boxed set, the Homage-o-meter was added to the first series as well.[4] Providing the artwork for Tim's comic 'The Bear', drawings and doodles were 2000 AD artists Jim Murray and Jason Brashill, who also provided other incidental artwork for the show. In Episode Two of Season Two: "Changes", Bilbo wears a 2000 AD comic T-shirt whilst lecturing Tim about The Phantom Menace.

Spaced has a distinctive cinematic style set by director Edgar Wright and shot (unusually for a sitcom) with a single camera. In addition to borrowing liberally from the visual language of film (in particular genre films), it has particular stylistic mannerisms like the recurring device of scene changes occurring in the middle of a pan. The series' atmosphere is also established by the use of a particular flavour of contemporary dance music on its soundtrack.[5]

The series is also noted for its regular references to recreational drug use, from its title onwards. Tim and Daisy smoke marijuana on a number of occasions. The plot of "Gone" is mostly about cannabis use and consumption of alcohol. In "Art", Tim and Mike take speed and some of the episode revolves around that. Also, in "Epiphanies", it is implied that all the major characters (Tim, Mike, Daisy, Twist and Brian) take ecstasy while clubbing.




Spaced Series 1 and 2 were both released on DVD in the UK, followed by a boxset which collects the previously released single-series DVDs and adds a bonus disc with a feature length documentary "Skip to the End" behind the scenes of the show and a music video by Osymyso.

Music rights issues long prevented the release of Spaced in Region 1 (U.S. and Canada), and despite the raised profile that resulted from Pegg and Wright's movies Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, no DVDs surfaced between 2004 and 2007. In an interview, it was suggested a deal with Anchor Bay Entertainment failed to come to fruition over the music rights.

On 6 May, 2008, Edgar Wright posted to his blog the press release finally announcing Spaced for US DVD on July 22, 2008 via distributor BBC Video. It includes an all-new commentary with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Jessica Hynes and special guests Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Bill Hader, Matt Stone, Patton Oswalt, and Diablo Cody. Other supplemental features include the original commentaries, the "Skip to the End" documentary, outtakes, deleted scenes, and raw footage.[7]


Spaced: Soundtrack to the TV Series

In 2001, a soundtrack of the first series was released in tandem with the first series on DVD and VHS. A second soundtrack was not released. A remix of "Smash It" by Fuzz Townshend was featured heavily in series two.

Spaced-Out features the full details of the music used in series two at this link.

The series 2 finale makes prominent use of the Lemon Jelly track, "The Staunton Lick". Fred Deakin, who is one half of Lemon Jelly, also runs design studio Airside, who produced limited edition Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz t-shirts upon the release of the films.

The Guy Pratt remix of the A-Team theme music was never made commercially available.


A third and final series has been eagerly requested from fans and considered for some time by the cast and crew (with Simon Pegg joking that it would end with a Blake's 7 style shoot-out) but a rumoured movie is not in the cards. Edgar Wright told the official fan website Spaced-Out that he is "torn" about making more Spaced and that "we have genuinely talked about it and have some neat ideas that could work in a Before Sunset / Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? kind of way". Soon after series two had aired on television, the official Spaced website announced that, "despite what certain national newspapers might have said, Series 2 is not the last series of Spaced. There will be a third series of Spaced - we just don't know when."[8]

Many see the movie Shaun of the Dead as a natural extension of the television series because it used the same creative team (having been written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, directed by Wright, starring Pegg, featuring Nick Frost in a prominent role, and Jessica Hynes and Peter Serafinowicz as minor characters) and was set out in much the same way. Wright and Pegg have acknowledged that the zombie sequences in the episode 'Art' were a key inspiration. Wright, however, points out the differences: Shaun has fewer pop-culture and movie references, and tries to avoid the clichés of recent horror parodies in favour of a more naturalistic style as its story progresses.

Shaun of the Dead achieved unexpected success, both in the UK and the US, and provided an opportunity to produce a second movie entitled Hot Fuzz, released in the UK on 16 February 2007 and in the US on 20 April 2007. In a 2006 Radio 4 interview, however, Simon Pegg stated that he’d like to bring back Spaced for a one-hour special to "tie up all the loose ends".[9] However, there have been no formal or significant commitments to a third series of Spaced, and no indication of a new series or special being commissioned.

Spaced premiered in the U.S. on Bravo in 2002. Only four episodes were aired. In 2004, the now-defunct Trio began airing the show regularly. BBC America began airing the series on 23 June 2006. It currently airs in Canada on Showcase.

While there is little indication that a third series will be produced in the near future, the recent Spaced: Definitive Collector's Edition DVD box set contained a documentary, "Skip to the End", examining the making of the show and its cultural influence. While primarily factual and based around interviews with the cast, crew and outside commentators, this documentary is notable in that it features an in-character 'epilogue' of sorts to the series in which Daisy and Tim briefly appear in the doorway of the flat, holding a baby - a brief conversation establishing that the baby (a female baby Tim wishes to call 'Luke') is theirs and that they are now in a relationship.

During an Australian interview for Hot Fuzz with Sydney magazine The Drum Media, Nick Frost stated “It’s dead. I know Simon doesn’t like to disappoint the fans so he says ‘ooooh, maybe…’, but I don’t have any sort of emotional attachment to it so I can just say it’s not happening.”

During a March 2007 interview on a New Zealand radio station, the interviewer asked Simon Pegg if Spaced was "an ongoing production", to which he replied, "No, I think that's done". Furthermore, at the Los Angeles screening of Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright both confirmed that the show would not return in any form, as the actors are all now "too old", and they fear it would ruin a good thing. An article published on August 2, 2007 states that the third season of Spaced will not happen[10].

On Saturday 10 November 2007 the BFI Southbank (London) hosted a Spaced marathon screening both series in their entirety (broadcast versions). Spaced cast members (Pegg, Frost, Mark Heap, Katy Carmichael, Julia Deakin and even Aida the dog) and Edgar Wright attended the screenings and a special "Spaced on Stage" event. Jessica Hynes and Michael Smiley (Tyres) sent messages for the fans apologising for being unable to attend. While being asked the question where the characters would "be" right now. Simon explained that he once wrote down thoughts/ideas he had on that topic. After giving updates on where he thinks the characters end up he concludes by stating Tim and Daisy were always going to end up together from the beginning. He describes a moment he envisioned for the show where they both realize they love each other. A video of this Q&A event was posted on Sep 24 2009 on Edgar Wright's Blog [1].[11]

However, in a public response to a Deadline Hollywood post, Simon Pegg declared that the makers of Spaced "have never categorically ruled out the possibility of more. Tim, Daisy, Mike, Brian, Twist, Marsha and Colin all have destinies locked in mine and Jess's collective grey matter, who's to say they won't some day be played out."

It has since been confirmed by Nick Frost during an interview that "Simon only told the fans that there was a possibility of a third series to keep them happy." Simon & Jess had apparently decided that series 2 would be the end whilst writing episode 7.

On 30 December 2009, Pegg stated on Twitter that if given the chance to make a third series, he would decline.[12]

American remake

On 29 October 2007, it was announced that Fox would commission a pilot for an American version of Spaced. Variety reported that it was unclear how Pegg and Wright will be involved, but that they may be advisors to the series;[13] however, Wright later confirmed via his MySpace blog that neither he, Pegg nor Hynes were at any point approached regarding what Edgar infamously termed "McSpaced" due in part to the involvement of film director McG (as picked up quickly by fans and internet press who disliked the idea of a remake) and will have no involvement. Wright expressed that he was upset that "they would a) never bother to get in touch but still b) splash my and Simon's names all over the trade announcements and imply that we're involved in the same way Ricky & Steve were with The Office." Wright also expressed anger at the media for overlooking Hynes' role in the creation of Spaced by connecting the series to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz in news articles. Pegg, Hynes and Wright have complained about a "lack of respect" shown by the US makers who have left them out of discussions.[14] It was announced in May 2008 that, following a generally negative reaction to the pilot, the American version Spaced would not be commissioned. [15]


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Spaced is a British television situation comedy written by and starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, directed by Edgar Wright, and broadcast on Channel 4. The show concerns Tim and Daisy, two young people pretending to be a couple in order to rent a North London flat. It is notable for its almost constant dropping of pop-culture references. Two series, each of seven episodes, have been broadcast (in Autumn 1999 and Spring 2001). The first series was a nominee for Best TV Sitcom in the 1999 British Comedy Awards.


Season 1

Beginnings [1.1]

Tim: You're scared of mice and spiders, but oh-so-much greater is your fear that one day the two species will cross-breed to form an all-powerful race of mice-spiders, who will immobilize human beings in giant webs in order to steal cheese.
Daisy: I never said that.
Tim: Yeah, but it'd be good though, wouldn't it?
Daisy: I dunno.

[To his ex-girlfriend Sarah]
Tim: You can't dangle the bogus carrot of possible reconciliation in front of me whilst riding some other donkey.

Daisy: Do you want another cup of tea?
Tim:Ooh, no thanks, twelve's my limit.

Daisy: What do you do Brian?
Brian: I'm an artist.
Daisy: Oh, Tim's an artist. What kind of thing do you do?
Brian: Anger.
[Shot of Brian attacking the canvas furiously]
Brian: Pain.
[Shot of Brian pricking his finger with a needle and whimpering]
Brian: Fear.
[Shot of Brian cowering in the dark as creepy music plays]
Brian: Aggression.
[Shot of Brian violently smashing an egg with a hammer]
Daisy: Watercolours?
Brian: It's a bit more complex than that.
Daisy: Tim does cartoons.
Tim: It's a bit more complex than that.

Daisy: Do you rent downstairs?
Brian: D'you mean am I gay?
Daisy: What?
Brian: D'you mean am I gay?
Daisy: No, I meant "are you renting the downstairs flat?"
Brian: Oh, right. Yep, sort of.
Tim: Are you gay?
Brian: What?
Tim: Are you gay?
Brian: [Thoughtfully] No.

Gatherings [1.2]

Mike: Wanna go back into your party?
Tim: But they were playing 'The Time Warp'! I hate 'The Time Warp'!
Mike: Daisy likes it.
Tim: I don't care! I hate it! It's boil-in-the-bag perversion for sexually repressed accountants and first-year drama students with too many posters of Betty Blue, The Blues Brothers, Big Blue and Blue Velvet on their blue bloody walls!

Tim: What is this? This is rubbish! We should be listening to firm young melodies, kicking tunes, thumping bass! God I sound so stupid!

Brian: I'm busy Tim, painting a triptych.
Tim: Oh yeah what's it called?
Brian: Bad sandwich.
Tim: Really?
Brian: Yes.
Tim: Mmm.
Brian: It's a piece about violence in it's immediacy, the instancy of the event. A synchronic rendering of three explosive, aggressive, expressions...
Tim: There'll be girls at the party.
Brian: Really?
Tim: Yes.
Brian: Mmmmm...

Art [1.3]

Daisy:: You're up early.
Tim: Oh, I haven't been to bed. Me and Mike met up with these two Scottish guys in the pub and they gave us all this cheap speed.
Daisy: Oh Tim, that's so tacky.
Tim: Yeah I know, but y'know they were so nice... I think if we'd said no they'd have got offended and beaten us to death with a pool cue.

Daisy: Where's Mike?
[cuts briefly to shot of Mike running around a tree, revving an imaginary motorbike and making engine noises]
Tim: [shrugs; and mumbles:] I dunno.

Vulva: Abstract expressionism is so mid-to-late eighties.

Tim: You know when you said it went well? Well, when you said well, did you mean shite?

Daisy: Right, I'm going to the shops. D'you want anything?
Tim: Porn.
Daisy: Tim, I'm not going to buy you porn. You can get it from railway sidings like everybody else.
Tim: I can't, I'm an adult. I'm supposed to leave it there.

Tim: LOOK! Daisy... Daisy, Daisy, Daisy... It's gonna be okay... Now have a big toke on this South-African drugs reefer style splif doobie.

[After practicing introducing himself in a mirror]
Brian: Brian. Painter. Loser. Big... fucking loser.

Vulva: [noticing Brian at the after-show party] Oh Brian, you came!
Brian: No, I just spilt my drink.

Vulva: I can't believe some of the shit I used to do with you!

Tim: [On Resident Evil] It's a subtle blend of lateral thinking and extreme violence.
Brian: What, like "It's A Knock Out"?

[After Brian has received his party invite]
Tim: So are you going to go?
Brian: I don't know. I haven't seen her for ages.
Tim: No. I mean, are you going to go, now?
Brian: Oh, yeah. [He leaves]

[On Brian]
Daisy: You don't like him, do you?
Tim: No, I do. I just think he's a bit pretentious.
[Brian enters, wearing a very loud waistcoat]
Brian: How do you think I look?
Tim: Bit pretentious?

Brian: Do you think I should lose the waistcoat?
Tim: I think you should burn it. Because if you lose it, you might find it again.

[Inspired by Tim's punching of Vulva]
Brian: Vulva turned me into a monkey! I'm not a monkey! I'm a man! A monkey... man!

Tim: So what happened last night then?
Daisy: Well we went to see an interesting piece of contemporary theatre, drank an enormous amount of free wine, ate our body-weight in Twiglets and you punched an artist in the face.
Tim: Shit, I'm not supposed to eat Twiglets
Daisy: Why not?
Tim: They make me violent

Tim: Where are you?
Mike: Uh, Sheffield.
Tim: What are you doing in Sheffield?
Mike: I fell asleep on the tube.
Tim: The tube doesn't go to Sheffield, Mike.
Mike: Yeah, I know, I, uh, must have changed at Kings Cross.

Battles [1.4]

Daisy: You're so damaged; just because Sarah hurt you, you feel justified in wreaking your petty vengeance on womankind.
Tim: Yes... yes... and I'd do it again, I tell you, I'd do it again in an instant! [Laughs manically then jumps out of the window]

Tim: We're going paintballing later.
Daisy: I thought Mike was banned?
Tim: Only for six months.
Daisy: Oh, yeah? And how does that poor accountant feel about that?
[Scene changes to a shell-shocked accountant in a straight jacket and padded room]

Brian: Can I borrow a tea-bag?
Tim: [sarcastically] Only if you bring it back. [pauses] You can HAVE a tea-bag, Brian, you can't borrow one. [turns around, sees Brian dressed as a painting] You've got paint on you.
Brian: It's a literal tribute to the self reflexivity of Rembrandt.
Tim: Did he like it?
Brian: He's dead.
Tim: Bloody hell, that really backfired.
Brian: What are you playing?
Tim: Tomb Raider 3.
Brian: She's drowning.
Tim: Yeah.
Brian: Is that the point of the game?
Tim: Depends what mood you're in really.
Brian: What sort of mood are you in then?
Tim: Well, I got a letter from my ex-girlfriend this morning, 3 months too late, explaining why she dumped me. It was full of 'you'll always be special' and 'I'll always love you' platitudes designed to make me feel better whilst simultaneously appeasing her deep seated sense of guilt for dumping me, running off with a slimy little city boy called Duane and destroying my faith in everything which is good and pure.
Brian: So it didn't really work then.
Tim: No, it made me wanna drown things!

Paintball player: Gosh, this is so exciting!
Mike: This your first time, kid?
Paintball player: I'm thirty-six.
Mike: This your first time, old man?
Paintball player: Yeah. I've always fancied myself as a bit of a soldier.
Tim: Yeah, I've always fancied myself.
Mike: I've always fancied you...
Tim: [quickly] Not here!
Paintball player: You've done this before, then?
Mike: You could say that.
Paintball player: What do you mean?
Mike: Well, let's just say the last time I was in this situation, I wasn't using a paintball gun.
Paintball player: [in awe] You've seen combat?
Mike: Yes, yes I have.
Paintball player: Where?
Mike: Umm, on the television!
Paintball player: But you just said the last time you were in this situation you didn't use a paintball gun!
Tim: He didn't.
Paintball player: Well, what did you use?
Mike: Erm, it was a big stick...?

[About Duane]':
Tim: He's made this personal.
Mike: I thought he made it personal when he slept with your girlfriend.
Tim: Well, he's made it more personal.
Mike: I don't think it gets much more personal than sleeping with your girlfriend, Tim.

Duane: You Know what they say about love and war.
Tim: Yeah, one of them involves a large amount of physical and psychological pain and the other's war.

Duane: See Tim, that's the difference between you and I. Organization. Careful thinking. Forward planning. And that is why I sleep in the arms of a beautiful woman and you spend your evenings alone in your bedsit. With cheap porn.
Tim: It's not a bedsit. It's a flat. [Shoots Duane in the groin]

Chaos [1.5]

Daisy: In the end, our relationship was just like a sandwich toaster. You know, you just forget you've got one. And it just sits there on the top of the cupboard collecting a layer of greasy fudge. And even if you do see it you just assume it's broken, you think if it's working I'd be using it all the time, but you don't and it just sits there. Then one day, you get an overwhelming desire for toasted sandwiches, you know? And you get it down and it works, and you can't believe it, you know? And then you make every kind of toasted sandwich there is, you have toasted sandwich parties. You make Marmite and cheese, chocolate and...
Tim: Pilchards.
Daisy: Banana and...
Bilbo: Acorns.
Daisy: Acorns. And then as quickly as the desire comes, it just goes. And then you put the toasted sandwich maker away. And, you know what?
Tim: What?
Daisy: You don't miss it.
Bilbo: So what you're saying is 'Don't hide the toasted sandwich maker away, use him regularly and you'll get the most out of him'.
Tim: No, she's saying 'Chuck your boyfriend, have a sandwich'.

Mike: When friends are concerned, sacrifices have to be made.
Tim: You mean we kill the dog?
Mike: [whilst nodding] No...
Tim: Spoil sport.

[About Colin the dog.]
Daisy: How can you not like him? He's so cute. Aw...
Tim: Yeah, that's how it all starts, with oohs and ahs, but later there's barking and biting! He's a ticking timebomb of death, Daisy. You give him all the love in the world and spend years of your life doting on his little furry head, and then one day you get back from aerobics and there he is, panting over the half eaten remains of some hapless handyman you left fixing the tumble dryer.
Daisy: We don't have a tumble dryer.
Tim: You will, my friend. You will.
Daisy: Look, Tim, I know that I've been insensitive, and I do appreciate that you are riddled with deep seated pyschological disorders -
Tim: Thank you.

[While stoned]
Brian: That's chaos theory. The belief that the future is in fact a mathematically predictable preordained system.
Daisy: So somewhere out there in the vastness of the unknown there's an... equation for predicting the future?
Brian: An equation so complex as to utterly defy possibility of comprehension by even the most brilliant human mind, but an equation nonetheless.
Tim: [In dawning realization] Oh my god...
Brian: What?
Daisy: What?
Tim: I've got some fucking Jaffa Cakes in my coat pocket.
[They all cheer]
Tim: [Sings] Oh Mummy, Oh Daddy, Lets all play Kabadi.

Tim: Mike, I'll see you back here at twenty-two hundred hours. Everyone else, I'll see you back here at ten.

Epiphanies [1.6]

[After Mike's tragic story of an Eskimo roll that went wrong]
Tim: So it wasn't so much an Eskimo roll, as a case of rolling right Inuit.
[Mike stares, confused]

[After Mike is crying about being kicked out of the Rough Ramblers]
Tim: Oh, Mike, they're not ready for you, you're too good for them. You're a renegade, a soldier of fortune.
Mike: Like the A-Team.
Tim: Yeah, you're like Mr. T. but white and hairy. And I feel sorry for anyone who says you're not.
Mike: I pity the fool.
Tim: I pity the fool.
Mike: [Mr. T voice] I ain't goin' on no plane, sucka!
Tim: [irritable] Stop that.

[Preparing to go out clubbing]
Mike: I had to dress up as an elderly Israeli woman once.
Tim: Really?
Mike: I didn't have to.
Tim: We should talk.

Tyres: Last night was an A-1, tip top clubbing jam fair. It was a sandwich of fun on ecstacy bread, wrapped up in a big bag like disco fudge. It doesn't get much better than that, I just wish sometimes I could control these FOCKING MOOD SWINGS! [calmer] So what did youse two friends do last night?
Daisy: We just stayed in, didn't we, had a laugh, played Scrabble.

Ends [1.7]

[About the possibility of getting back with his old girlfriend]
Tim Bisley: This is something that I've always wanted! You have things you want, you're always going on about going to Asia and seeing the Taj Mahal.
Daisy Steiner: I do want to go to Asia! I do want to see the Taj Mahal! The difference is, the Taj Mahal didn't sleep with it's boss behind my back and break my heart!
Tim Bisley: Yeah, well... it might if you go to Asia!

[Dropping Mike off for his interview with the Territorial Army]
Mike: Aren't you coming in with me?
Tim: I'm not your dad, Mike! [Hands him a lunch box] Here's your sandwiches. I'll pick you up at five.

[Before his meeting with the TA officials]
Mike: [Thinking] I'm Andy McNab, I'm Andy McNab, I'm Andy McNab, I'm Andie MacDowell - ohhh...

Mike: In 1994 while on weekend manoeuvres in France, I commandeered a Chieftain tank without the permission of my immediate superiors. I then attempted to invade Paris. However, en route I stopped off at Disneyland Paris, or Eurodisney as it was then called, and was subsequently apprehended on Space Mountain.
TA Officer: Do you have any explanation as to why you might have done this?
Mike: Well sir, at the time, I was suffering from serious emotional problems that had clearly affected my judgement. I had immersed myself in a fantasy world of my own creation and as a result I became very insular and uncommunicative.
TA Officer: Why do you think that was?
Mike: [Shrugs] I dunno.

[Mike is undertaking a Rorschach ink test; the first card is very obviously a couple having sex]
Mike: War.
TA Officer: [Holding the next card] This one?
Mike: Bomb.
TA Officer: [Next card] This one?
Mike: Guts.
[Next card]
Mike: Guns.
[Next card]
Mike: Guts and guns.
[Next card]
Mike: [Happily] Butterfly.
[The TA Officer frowns]
Mike: [Realizes] Butterfly with a bomb.

TA Officer: Finally, Mr Watt, how does this make you feel?
[He throws Mike an sheathed military knife; Mike expertly grabs and unsheaths it]
Mike: [Grins happily] Nice.
TA Officer: Welcome back, Mike.

[About ending his relationship with Sarah]
Tim: I just had a moment of clarity, you know, I woke up. It's like... you know when you have an orgasm on your own? [Daisy looks increasingly disgusted and uncertain during the following:] You know, you're sort of lying on the sofa watching some porn movie you bought on a drunken lonely night in Soho, and you're lying there and everything's going really great, you're getting totally turned on by these absurdly graphic images, everything seems so right, and suddenly - phht! Bingo! You wake up. And you're lying there sweating, desperately looking for the tissue which you know is still in your pocket, and the remote control which is somewhere on the floor, and it's like walking in on yourself, you know? It's just like "What you doing?" That's how I felt tonight feeling my heart miss a beat everytime the door opened. "What the fuck are you doing?"
Daisy: Well, that's... love, isn't it? Load of old wank.

Tim: Life just isn't like the movies is it? We're constantly led to believe in resolution in the establishment of the ideal status quo, and it's just not true. Happy endings are a myth. Designed to make us feel better about the fact that life is just a thankless struggle.
[The pub band starts playing 'Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?']
Tim: Do you wanna dance?
Daisy: You know what? I think I do.
[They dance happily]

Season 2

Back [2.1]

Agent: Daisy Steiner?
Brian: Yes...
Agent: Are you Daisy Steiner?
Brian: No...

Brian: They arrived just before you did...
Tim: You Lando!

Mike: I'm off to point the pink pistol at the porcelain firing range.

Agent: Don't even think about leaving the country.
Daisy: I won't... I can't afford it.

Change [2.2]

[To a Star Wars: The Phantom Menace fan]
Tim: You are so blind! You so do not understand! You weren't there at the beginning. You don't know how good it was! How important! This is it for you! This jumped-up firework display of a toy advert! People like you make me sick! What's wrong with you?! Now, I don't care if you've saved up all your fifty 'p's, take your pocket money and get out!
[The little boy runs off, crying]
Tim: What a prick.

Bilbo Bagshot: I was like you once. Blonde hair. Scraggly little beard. Childlike ears. Full of beans, and spunk. I let my principles get in the way of things. I punched a bloke in the face once for saying Hawk the Slayer was rubbish.
Tim: Good for you.
Bilbo Bagshot: Yeah, thanks. But that's not the point, Tim. The point is I was defending the fantasy genre with terminal intensity, when what I should have said was "Dad, you're right - but let's give Krull a try, and we'll discuss it later." [pause] The Phantom Menace was eighteen months ago, Tim!
Tim: I know Bilbo, but... it still hurts, you know? I mean, that kid wanted a Jar Jar doll!
Bilbo: Kids like Jar Jar!
Tim: Why?
Bilbo Bagshot: What about the Ewoks eh? They were rubbish. You don't complain about them.
Tim: Yeah but Jar Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like... fuckin'... Shaft.

DSS Woman: How long have you been unemployed, Mr Bisley?
Tim: [checks watch] About an hour and a half.
DSS Woman: Have you been looking for work?
Tim: [laughs, then sees she's serious] Um, no.
DSS Woman: Why did you leave your last job?
Tim: Got fired.
DSS Woman: Why?
Tim: [nonchalantly] Uh, a difference of opinion...
DSS Woman: The Phantom Menace?
Tim: [pauses, then, surprised] Yeah...
DSS Woman: Didn't you like it?
Tim: [cautiously] No...
DSS Woman: Well, [taps nose conspiratorially] you leave this with me. I'll get you some money out in the next few days.

Twist: So, don't forget to wash your sheets...
Brian: Right.
Twist: ...And your penis.
Brian: Okay.

Daisy: What are we going to do? You're unemployed. I've got no money coming in. How am I going to afford aspirational magazines?!

[After Tim has found a new job in a rival comic shop; Bilbo has come in]
Bilbo: [Sniffy] He should store his special editions behind the counter, not hide them away at the back of the shop. Man's insane.

Bilbo: [Stand-offish] What's Derek like as a boss?
Tim: [Stand-offish] He's okay. Don't fully agree with his policy on vintage comic display.
Bilbo: [Desperate] Look, Tim, I'm sorry I fired you. It was a mistake! Will you come back?
Tim: Oh, why? Things not working out with the new guy?
Bilbo: [Sheepish] You could say that.
[Flash cut to Bilbo's shop]
Tim's Replacement: Hawk the Slayer's rubbish!
[Bilbo punches him; cut back to the rival comic shop]
Tim: [Stand-offish] I see.
Bilbo: Will you come back?
Tim: Well, I like it here, Bilbo. What makes you think I want to come back?
Bilbo: This.
[Bilbo produces an answering machine from nowhere and presses play]
Tim: [On machine; sobbing] Look, B-Bilbo, t-this is Tim. Please can I come back?! I don't like it here!
Tim: [Sheepish] You got that, did you?
Bilbo: I would have come in anyway. The place just isn't the same without you there.
Tim: [Warmly] I'm already there.
Bilbo: [Alarmed] What?!
Tim: I mean I'll come back.
Bilbo: Oh, right. Frightened me for a moment there.

[Tim wants to get fired from his new job]
Tim: Derek? Babylon 5's a big pile of shit.
Derek: Get out!!
Bilbo and Tim: [Joyfully] Hooray!

Tim: I got me job back.
Tim and Mike: [Joyfully] Ayyyeee!
Mike: I got me own room.
Tim and Mike: [Joyfully] Ayyyeee!
Tim: Where's Brian?
Mike: He's standing in the garden with no clothes on.
Tim and Mike: [Joyfully] Ayyyeee!

Mettle [2.3]

Dexter: Have you thought any more about that rematch, Michael?
Mike: Yes and no.
Dexter: What does that mean?
Tim: It means 'yes, he's thought about it' and 'no, he doesn't want one'. [To Mike] Doesn't it?
Mike: Yes.
Dexter: So that's a 'no', is it?
Tim and Mike: [Momentarily uncertain] ... Yes.

Daisy: What does "T.F.U" stand for?
Tim: Uh... The Fuckest Upest.

[Daisy pretending to be Philippa Forrester to interview Tim]
Daisy: This is a very large machine Tim. Take you long?
Tim: No, not really.
Daisy: Hm, fast worker?
Tim: Well why don't you come on back to my flat and we'll find out.
Daisy: I think you've already answered my question [laughs].
Tim: So you like my robot then.
Daisy: I love it. [gasp] What's this?
Tim: It's an axe. Feel the weight.
[Daisy lifts the axe. Both draws in a breath.]
Daisy: There's nothing more devastating than a big chopper.
Tim: Shhh...[places a finger over Daisy's lips] Don't cheapen this. [moves the hair from her face]
[Daisy and Tim move closer, apparently about to kiss, when Mike opens the front door.]
Mike: [suspicious] What's going on?
Tim: Uh, I was just coming - to the pub, with you.
Mike: Yeah, I think we should take the Private down to the shed.
[Mike goes to another room.]
Daisy: Hmm, what's up with Mike?
Tim: Nothing, he just, he usually likes to be Philippa.

[Talking about the robot's axe, both covered in plasters and bruises]
Tim: I think we should lose the axe.
Mike: I like the axe.
Tim: I like my face.
Mike: I like your face.
Tim: Let's keep the axe.

[Trying to figure out who destroyed 'Private Iron']
Tim: I think I can guess.
Mike: This isn't the work of amateurs, Tim. Private Iron was taken apart by someone who knew what they were doing.
Tim: Right, and what happens now?
Mike: Well, if we can't fix him in time, we're automatically disqualified. Runners-up go through.
Tim: And they are?
Mike: [Gasps, as if realizing] Dexter and Cromwell!
Tim: Right.
Mike: ... So who did this?
Tim: They did!

[After having smashed Tim and Mike's robot]
Dexter: Ah, Michael. Heard about your robot. Crying shame.
Tim: What do you mean, 'crying shame'? You're the one that did it, you fucking... plum.

Robot Club Leader: Gentlemen, welcome to Robot Club. The first rule of Robot Club is, you do not talk about about Robot Club. The second rule of Robot Club is, YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT Ro… wait, I… got that wrong. [Unfolding a crumpled up piece of paper and pushing up his glasses] The second rule is, no smoking.
Tim: Why aren't we allowed to smoke?
Mike: Were not allowed to talk about it.

Help [2.4]

Tim: Could you go and tell Mike that I need him, please?
Daisy: What for?
Tim: No reason, I just... I need him.

Daisy: [to mike working out with Marsha] Tim wants you
Mike: Does he want me or need me?
Daisy: Needs you
Mike: ok then

Tim: You ready, Mike?
Mike: I was born ready, Timmy.
Tim: Yeah, but are you ready now?
Mike: Ummm... yeah.

[After Sophie has recovered Tim's unflattering portrait of Damien Knox, thus saving his job interview]
Tim: How are you, Sophie?
Sophie: Fine thanks.
Tim: [Playing it cool] Good. Forgot you worked here.
Sophie: Really? [Places down another, extremely flattering, portrait of Sophie, surrounded by a love heart]
[Tim giggles nervously]
Mike: [Via walkie-talkie] Tim! That girl you fancy's coming into the office!
Tim: [Into walkie-talkie, sheepishly] Thanks, Mike.

Tyres: Are we happy?
Tim:Are we happy.
Tyres: Excellent. Mine's a pint of the black stuff.
Mike: (scoffs) You can't drink a pint of Bovril.

Gone [2.5]

Mike: Right, I'm off for a night of running about in the dark with a gun, so you've got to stay here and be good for your Uncle Michael. [To Colin, while polishing his glasses] So sit back, relax and get comfy, because you my friend... are going nowhere. [Looks down to see that Colin is gone; in a whimpering tone:] Oh, bollocks!

[On realizing who Duane is]
Daisy: You're Duane. Duane Duane. The Duane who...
Tim: Stole my girlfriend.
Duane Benzie: That depends on how you look at it.
Daisy: I think that's how Tim looks at it.
Tim: Yes, I do.

Duane Benzie: I haven't seen you since...
Tim: Yeah, well. No hard feelings, eh?
Duane Benzie: You shot me in the bollocks, Tim.
Tim: Yeah, well, like I say. No hard feelings.

[Having stolen Tim's house keys]
Duane Benzie: At last, I shall emerge the victor. At last, I shall have... revenge.

Romford Thug: This ain't grass.
Romford Thug Leader: What?
Romford Thug: It's oregano.
Romford Thug Leader: How can you tell?
Romford Thug: I'm a catering student.

[After crashing with the Romford thugs]
Duane Benzie: [To the leader] You bloody idiot! Do you have any idea how much this car costs? Why don't you piss off back to Romford where you belong, eh? Eh?
[He turns; the others have sneaked up behind him, like the Raptors in Jurassic Park.]
Duane Benzie: [Darkly] Clever boys.
[The thugs give Duane a good kicking]

Dissolution [2.6]

[Discussing Twist]
Tim: She's shallow, Brian. She's like Cordelia out of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and latterly Angel, the spin off series which is set in LA.
Brian: Don't know what you're talking about.
Tim: Brian, you're such a square!

Mike: I'm glad you're happy with your new girlfriend, Tim. Just don't forget whose shoulder you cried on when the last one dumped you.
Tim: I won't.
Mike: Or when Johnny Alpha got killed by that big flying monster in 2000AD.

Mike: [To Sophie] You hurt him - I'll kill you. [Runs off]
Sophie: [Shocked] Did he mean that?
[Tim chuckles and hugs her]
Tim: [warmly] Yeah.

[After Marsha, having learnt the truth about Tim and Daisy, has stormed off]
Twist: Well, I think we're all to blame, in a way.
Tim: Oh, well thank you very much Mrs. Magnanimous. You picked a fine time to grow a fucking conscience!

[After a food fight in a restaurant has been broken up]
Manager: The way I see, we've got two options here. Either you lot can clean all this up, or I can call the police!
Daisy: [To others] Who votes for cleaning up?
[Daisy, Twist and Brian raise their hands]
Daisy: Who votes for police?
[Tim and Mike raise their hands]
Daisy: We'll clean up.

Tim: What are we going to do?
Mike: We could go clubbing.
Tim: I mean about Marsha, Mike! We've potentially destroyed her faith in today's youth. [Everyone looks at him skeptically] Young adults.
Daisy: We've got to pull together, otherwise we're going to lose everything.
Tim: So that's settled.
Mike: Clubbing it is!

Leaves [2.7]

[Tim, Mike and Brian are trying to persuade Marsha not to sell the house]
Tim: Okay, listen. When we get there, let me do the talking, okay? I am the only one here capable of serious communication. [Instantly regretful] Sorry, sorry! That sounded bad. I didn't mean to suggest that you're not good communicators, okay Mike?
[Mike grunts non-verbally]
Tim: Brian?
[Brian whimpers non-verbally]

Tim: Marsha, they say the family of the twenty-first century is made up of friends, not relatives. If that's true, then you're the best auntie I've ever had.

Tim: Aren't you going to ask us how it went?
Daisy: How did it go?
Tim: Really badly.

Daisy: Colin's gone.
Tim: What?
Daisy: He went next door.
Tim: Oh, Daisy, I'm so sorry. How did it happen?
Daisy: [Bemused]... He walked.
Tim: Right, right, sorry. See, my mum used to use "going next door" as a euphemism for being dead.
Mike: Whoa, hold on, does that mean my rabbit's dead?
Tim: It's been eighteen years, Mike, where did you think he was?
Mike: [whimpers] Next door!


Skip To The End

[NOTE: Although 'Skip To The End' was primarily a factually-based documentary concerning the making of and influence of Spaced, it did contain a brief 'epilogue' to the series with Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson in character]

[Daisy exits the house; Tim follows her a moment later with a baby in his arms]
Tim: I think she's filled her nappy again. Will you change her?
Daisy: I made the tea!
Tim: I went to the shop!
Daisy: I was in labour for fifteen hours!
Tim: You win!
[They kiss]
Tim: Love you.
Daisy: I know.
[They turn to go back inside]
Tim: Come on, Luke.
Daisy: Tim, we're not calling her 'Luke'.

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