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1936 Spain 1979
Spanish general election, 1977
All 350 seats of the Congress of Deputies and 208 of 264 seats in the Senate
June 15, 1979
First party Second party
Felipe Gonzalez-Madrid-28 de enero de 2004.jpg
Leader Adolfo Suárez Felipe González
Seats won 166 118
Popular vote 6,310,391 5,371,866
Percentage 34.4% 29,3%
Elecciones generales españolas de 1977.svg
Province-level units won by PSOE (red) and UCD (blue)

Incumbent PM
Adolfo Suárez


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The Spanish general election of 1977 took place on 15 June 1977. It was the first election since the death of Francisco Franco.

Voting was on the basis of universal suffrage in a secret ballot. The elections were held using closed list proportional representation in 52 electoral districts corresponding to the 50 provinces of Spain and the African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. The largest districts Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia elected 32, 31 and 15 members respectively. Other districts elected from 3 to 12 members. The exceptions were Ceuta and Melilla which were single member districts. Seats were allocated using the D'Hondt method and only lists which polled 3% of the total vote (which included votes "en blanco" i.e. for none of the above) were eligible for seats.

The elections took place against the backdrop of a poor economic situation in Spain.[1] They were marred by demonstrations against alleged irregularities and bombings in many areas. In Barcelona, 2,000 demonstrators gathered outside the building housing the local election board. They claimed they had not been included in the census which would have given them the right to vote. Two policemen were also hurt when a Molotov cocktail was thrown at their vehicle. In Seville, three people, including two policemen, suffered minor injuries when a bomb exploded at the magistrates' court. Additionally four explosions occurred in Pamploma and two in Cordoba.[2]

The election results were a disappointment for the Communist Party which fell short of its objective of obtaining 30 to 40 deputies.[3]

  • Voters: 18590130 (78.8% participation)
  • Valid votes: 18324333
  • Blank votes: 46248 (0.3% of valid votes)
Evolution of popular vote in the Spanish General Elections from the democratic transition until 2008. Voter turnout is usually high.
Party Abbreviation Votes % Seats
Democratic Centre Union (Unión de Centro Democrático) UCD 6,310,391 34.52 166
Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (Partido Socialista Obrero Español) PSOE 5,371,866 29.39 118
Communist Party of Spain(Partido Comunista de España) PCE 1,709,890 9.35 19
Popular Alliance(Alianza Popular) AP 1,504,771 8.23 16
Popular Socialist Party-Socialist Unity (Partido Socialista Popular - Unidad Socialista) PSP-US 816,582 4.47 6
Democratic Agreement for Catalonia (Pacte Democratic per Catalunya) PDPC 514,647 2.82 11
Basque Nationalist Party (Euzko Alderdi Jeltzalea - Partido Nacionalista Vasco) PNV 296,193 1.62 8
Coalición Electoral Equipo de la Democracia Cristiana FDC-EDC 215,841 1.18
Center and Christian Democratic Union of Catalonia (Unió del Centre i la Democracia Cristiana de Catalunya) UDC-IDCC 172,791 0.95 2
Catalan Left-Democratic Electoral Front (Esquerra de Catalunya - Front Electoral Democràtic) EC-FED 143,954 0.79 1
Frente Democrático de Izquierdas FDI 122,608 0.67
Alianza Socialista Democrática ASDCI 101,916 0.56
Agrupación Electoral de Trabajadores AET 77,575 0.42
Alianza Nacional del 18 de Julio AN18 67,336 0.37
Reforma Social Española RSE 64,241 0.35
Euskadiko Ezkerra EE 61,417 0.34 1
Falange Española de las JONS Auténtica FJONSA 46,548 0.25
Independents INDEP 43,786 0.24
Frente para la Unidad de los Trabajadores FUT 41,208 0.23
Candidatura Aragonesa Independiente de Centro CAIC 37,183 0.2 1
Partido Socialista Vasco ESB 36,002 0.2
Partit Socialista del Pais Valencià PSPV 31,138 0.17
Candidatura Independiente del Centro INDEP 29,834 0.16 1
Partido Socialista Gallego PSG 27,197 0.15
Democracia Cristiana Vasca DCV 26,100 0.14
Falange Española de las JONS FJONS 25,017 0.14
Unión Navarra de Izquierda UNAI 24,489 0.13
Bloque Nacional Popular Gallego BNPG 22,771 0.12
Alianza Foral Navarra AFN 21,900 0.12
Unidad Regional Andaluza URA 21,350 0.12
Partido Socialista Obrero Español (Sector Histórico) PSOE-H 21,242 0.12
Lliga de Catalunya Partit Liberal Català LLIGA 20,109 0.11
Asociación Nacional para el Estudio de Problemas Actuales ANEPA-CP 18,113 0.1
Unión Autonomista de Navarra UAN 18,079 0.1
Pueblo Canario Unido PCU 17,717 0.1
Demócratas Independientes Vascos DIV 15,505 0.08
Unitat Popular per Socialisme CUPS 12,040 0.07
Unión Autonomista de Baleares UAB 11,914 0.07
Centro Izquierda de Albacete CCIA 11,879 0.06
Unidad Regionalista URAS 10,821 0.06
Frente Navarro Independiente FNI 10,606 0.06
Partido Popular Canario PPCAN 9,650 0.05
Democracia Social Cristiana de Cataluña DSCC 9,157 0.05
Movimiento Socialista MS 8,741 0.05
Montejurra-Federalismo-Autogestión MFA 8,461 0.05
Acción Social Agraria ASA 8,439 0.05
Asociación Círculos José Antonio CJA 8,184 0.04
Acción Nacionalista Vasca ANV 6,435 0.04
Democracia Cristiana Aragonesa DCAR 6,014 0.03
Fuerza Nueva FN 5,541 0.03
Unidad Popular CUP 5,206 0.03
Partido Socialista de Canarias PSCAN 5,110 0.03
Partido Independiente de Madrid PIM 4,814 0.03
Frente Autonomista Aragonés FAA 4,791 0.03
Partido Proverista PPROV 4,590 0.03
Izquierda Canaria Unida ICU 4,118 0.02
Partido Socialista Democrático Español PSDE 3,786 0.02
Partido Demócrata Gallego PDG 3,196 0.02
Unión Demócrata de las Islas Baleares UDIB 2,946 0.02
Federación Laborista FL 2,631 0.01
Partido Radical Socialista de Valencia PRSV 2,345 0.01
Agrupación Electoral Independiente del Campo y la Ciudad AEICYC 1,623 0.01
Candidatura Unitaria de la Izquierda Regionalista CUIR 1,504 0.01
Candidatura Independiente de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa CIPYE 1,480 0.01
Asociación de Electores de Ceuta ADEC 1,099 0.01
Agrupación de Electores Carlistas ADC 938 0.01
Falange Esporádica Independiente FEI 855 0
Partido Agrario Español PAE 833 0
Partido Liberal Independiente PLI 805 0
Bloque Andaluz de Izquierdas BAI 226 0
Total 18,278,085 100% 350




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