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Spanish hip hop music began in the late 1980s. Spanish hip hop was mainly in Puerto Rico for a few years, but then it came to continental America. By being very popular in America it became popular in other places.

In 1989 Troya Dscs&Rcrs label released the first Spanish hip hop LP: Madrid Hip Hop, a compilation of four bands from the province of Madrid: DNI, Estado Crítico, Sindicato del Crimen and QSC. The record presented two cuts of each band.

Later in 1989, Ariola major label tried a new push to establish some hip hop stars, with a new compilation of Madrilene hip hop music: Rappin Madrid, introduced more soloists and groups, like MC Randy & D.J. Jonco.

Both attempts mostly failed, but helped to establish a viable scene in Madrid.

During the 90's a slow expansion was taken, and underground hip hop reached many listeners over the years. The most important places of Spanish hip hop, apart from Madrid (with a very important contribution from El_Club_de_los_Poetas_Violentos also known as CPV in the start of hip-hop spanish scene), are Barcelona (7 Notas 7 Colores, Kunta K),Zaragoza (Violadores_del_Verso, Rapsusklei, Fuck_Tha_Posse, Tres_Monos),Sevilla (ToteKing, SFDK), Valencia (D.O.J.O., Choco Bros), Asturias (Daviz Logic, Johnny Fontane Ju Fernandes, Gee Malee, Urban Poison) and Málaga (Spanish Fly).

Now, Spain contains a very important people who are introducing a lot music in United Stades like DJ Jooz, who works with Ace Hood, Trae, Rasheeda, etc... and is the most important DJ from Spain. Producers like Slash Major, Cookin' soul, or Torrico, the boy who produced one of Juelz Santana's biggest hits, "Days of our lives".

Other important People

Other important (Spanish hip hop bands are:

  • Trece 14 (Tommy G & Coco)
  • Wase -N- J.Sanchez
  • Madrid Pimps
  • Chocolate City

Solo artists:

  • Xcese
  • Dakaneh
  • Newmaik
  • ToteKing
  • Darmo [1]
  • Ivan Nieto
  • Chirie Vegas
  • Costa
  • Flavio Rodriguez
  • Yako Muñoz
  • Mucho Muchacho
  • Romo
  • Duddi Wallace
  • Primer Dan


  • J.C. Moreno
  • DJ Ochoa
  • B.O.U.L.E.
  • Cool Remember
  • Sendy
  • Don Clemensa
  • Big_Hozone
  • Acción_Sánchez
  • Dj Haze


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