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Spanish mythology would encompass all the sacred myths of the cultures in the region of Spain. They include Galician mythology, Asturian mythology, Cantabrian mythology, Catalan mythology and Basque mythology. They also include the myths and religions of the Celts, Celtiberians, Iberians, Milesians, Carthaginians, Suebi, Visigoths, Spaniards, Moors of Spain, and some Roman and Greek mythology.



Ancient Hispania





  • Anjana, Cantabrian fairy-like divinities.
  • Caballucos del Diablu, Devil's Little Horses.[3]
  • Cuegle, wild monster.
  • Culebre, Cantabria snake-dragon
  • Hombre pez, Fish-man.
  • Guajona, old witch vampire.
  • Ojáncanu, Cantabrian cyclop.[4]
  • Ojáncana, Cantabrian feminine cyclop.
  • Nuberu, bad spirit of the wind.
  • Musgosu, kind wanderer.
  • Ramidreju, fantastic animal born from a weasel.
  • Mengues, malignant worms.
  • Osa de Andara, Andara's Bear.
  • Laro and Coroccotta, Cantabri warriors.
  • Sirenuca, Little Siren.
  • El Sol de los Muertos, The Deads' Sun.
  • Trasgu, Cantabrian goblin.[5]
  • Trenti, Cantabrian friendly goblin.
  • Tentiruju, Cantabrian goblin.
  • Trastolillu, Cantabrian domestic goblin.
  • Ventolines, good spirits of the wind.[6]




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  • Cantabria joven mitologia (in Spanish)[8]

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