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The documented Nahuatl words in the Spanish language (mostly spoken in Mexico and mesoamerica) includes an extensive list of words that represent (i) animals, (ii) plants, fruit and vegetables and (iii) foods and beverages and (iv) domestic appliances, whose termination includes the suffix "tl". It is considered that this termination had a complex pronunciation for the Spaniards who turned the different words to a "ate" ending (e.g. axolotl = Ajolote). As a general rule, a Spanish word that is animal, plant, food or home appliance, and that is widely used in Mexico and whose termintation is "ate", is highly likely to have a Nahuatl origin.



Plants, Fruits and vegetables

Jitomate at Tepoztlan market, Mexico

Foods and drinks

Names of places

Other terms, includes Home Appliances

  • Escuincle (a child)
  • Huaraches (Sandals)
  • Huipil
  • Hule (rubber or plastic)
  • Jacal (Shack)
  • Jícara
  • Malacate
  • Mecapal
  • Mecate (Rope)
  • Metate (Grinding stones)
  • Mitote
  • Molcajete (Mortar and pestle)
  • Naco (An uncultured person)
  • Nixtamal
  • Ocote
  • Otate
  • Paliacate
  • Papalote (Kite)
  • Pepenar
  • Petaca
  • Petate (sleeping mat of woven palm fiber)
  • Peyote
  • Popote (Straw)
  • Tenamaste
  • Tepetate
  • Tianguis
  • Tiza

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