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Spartel Bank or Majuán Bank is a submerged former island located in the Strait of Gibraltar at 35°55' N 5°58' W near Cape Spartel, its highest point currently 56 meters below the surface. It vanished under the surface approximately 12,000 years ago[1] due to rising ocean levels from melting ice caps after the last Glacial Maximum. It has been proposed by researchers Jacques Collina-Girard and Marc-Andrè Gutscher as a site for the legendary lost island of Atlantis.[1]


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  • Marc-André Gutscher. "Destruction of Atlantis by a great earthquake and tsunami? A geological analysis of the Spartel Bank hypothesis" in Geology Volume 33, Number 8, pp. 685–688 (2005).

Coordinates: 35°55′00″N 5°58′00″W / 35.916667°N 5.966667°W / 35.916667; -5.966667


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