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Speaker of the House is a political term that refers to various legislative positions, mostly in nations that were part of the British Empire, based on the British parliamentary system.


United Kingdom and Canada

  • In the United Kingdom and Canada, the Speaker of the House of Commons is the individual elected to preside over the elected House of Commons. In the UK, it may also erroneously be used as "Speaker of the House of Lords" when in fact that title is Lord Speaker.
    • The current Speaker of the House of Commons is John Bercow. He is Member of Parliament for the constituency of Buckingham since being elected in 1997. Until his election as speaker, he sat as a Conservative Party member, and had served in the Shadow Cabinet under former Conservative leaders Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard. On 22 June, 2009, he was elected as the 157th Speaker of the House of Commons and so became the first Speaker to be elected by an exhaustive ballot. He is also the first Jew to ever hold this position.

United States



The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives presides over the lower house of Congress, the House of Representatives. This post is the highest-ranking in Congress, is second in line to the Presidency — after the Vice President — and is the third highest-ranking national office overall.

Nancy Pelosi, was re-elected to this post at the beginning of the 111th Congress in January 2009. She represents California's 8th congressional district and has been Speaker since January 2007.


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In the forty-nine states that have a bicameral legislature, the highest position in the lower house is usually called the "speaker". In Nebraska — the only state with a unicameral legislature — the senators elect one senator to serve as "Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature". In Tennessee, the senators elect a "Speaker of the Senate" who presides over the Tennessee Senate and serves as lieutenant governor.

The state legislative bodies that have the position of Speaker include:

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