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Special may refer to:

  • Special needs, a diagnosis used to classify children as needing more services than those children without special needs
  • Special school, a school catering to students who have special educational needs, e.g. because of learning difficulties or physical disabilities.
  • Special teams, units in American football and Canadian football that are on the field during kickoffs, free kicks, punts, and field goal and extra point attempts
  • Television special, a television program, typically a short film or television movie, which interrupts or temporarily replaces scheduled programming
  • Very special episode, an advertising term for an episode of a television program that deals with a serious and/or controversial social issue
  • Special effects, visual effects used in the film, television, and entertainment industry to create scenes that cannot be achieved by normal means
  • Adcox Special, a biplane built in Portland, Oregon in 1929
  • The SPECIAL System, the character creation system of the computer role-playing game Fallout
  • A special constable, a volunteer police officer
  • Special relationship is a phrase originating in the United Kingdom used to characterise what British advocates view as the positive political, diplomatic, historical, and relations between the United States and member nations of the Commonwealth of Nations or the United Kingdom.

In music:

  • The Specials, a British Two Tone band formed in 1977 in Coventry

In film and television:

Special may also be:

  • A special price, a form of discounts and allowances
  • A kit car or one-off home built vehicle.
  • A euphemism for someone with a mental disability
  • A draught beer sold in Scotland, colloquially known as "heavy"; as distinct from other beers being "export" and lager
  • Bruce Mcavaney (Broadcaster)

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