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Specific may refer to:

Economics, finance, and accounting
  • Asset specificity, the extent to which the investments made to support a particular transaction have a higher value to that transaction than they would have if they were redeployed for any other purpose
  • Specific Identification, summing purchase costs of all inventory items
  • Specific rate duty, duty paid at a specific amount per unit
  • Specific risk, risk that affects a very small number of assets
Physics and engineering

"Specific" generally means per unit of something (often mass), but signals a division by a quantity which may or may not be named. If the quanity is named, it is usually placed before "specific" in the term (i.e., thrust specific fuel consumption). Named and unnamed divisor quantities are given for the terms below.

Per unit of mass:

Per unit of other type. The dividing unit is sometimes added before the term "specific," and sometimes omitted.

Other fields
  • Specific absorption rate, power absorbed per mass of tissue at a given frequency
  • Specific acid catalysis, in which the reaction rate is proportional to the concentration of the protonated solvent molecules
  • Specific capacity of a water well, quantity per unit of drawdown
  • Specific creation, creationism as opposed to evolution
  • Specific interval, shortest possible clockwise distance between pitch classes on the chromatic circle
  • Specific integral, in calculus, eliminates the constant of integration
  • Specific Physical Preparedness, being prepared for the movements in a specific physical activity (usually a sport).
  • Specific rotation of a chemical, angle of optical rotation α when plane-polarized light is passed through a sample with a path length of 1 decimeter and a sample concentration of 1 gram per 1 millilitre.
  • Specific storage, specific yield, and specific capacity, characterize the capacity of an aquifer to release groundwater from storage in response to a decline in hydraulic head

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