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Spectemur Agendo is a Latin motto meaning Let us be judged by our acts.



It comes originally from Book XIII of Ovid's Metamorphoses where it is attributed to the hero Ajax:

Denique (quid verbis opus est?) spectemur agendo!

which most literal translations render as

Finally (what is the use of words?) let us be seen together in action!

United Kingdom institutions

In the United Kingdom, it was first adopted as the motto of The Royal Dragoons (1st Dragoons) regiment of the British Army.

It is the civic motto of:

Spectemur agendo is also the motto of:

and was once the motto of Dishforth Police Training Centre. The motto was then adopted by the North Eastern Police Training Centre at Durham, which opened when Disforth closed.

Spectemur Agendo was once the motto of Newbridge Comprehensive School, South Wales.

United States institutions

In the United States, it is the motto of several college fraternities including:

It is the Motto found on the challenge coin of Medic One paramedics.

It is the official motto of:

Australian institutions

New Zealand Schools

South African institutions

Dutch schools

Family and clan mottos

In Ireland, the motto also appear emblazoned upon the crest of the Donnelly, Shannon and Mott family crest.

It is the Eager family motto found on its crest, dating back to ancestors who held the family seats in the counties of Yorkshire and Northumberland in England from ancient times.

It is also is the McClure Family Motto, the ancestors of the bearers of this surname were thought to be of the ancient Dalriadan clans of Scotland.



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