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Spermatic cord
Male anatomy.png
Anatomy of the human male reproductive system
The spermatic cord in the inguinal canal. (Label for spermatic cord in lower right.)
Latin funiculus spermaticus
Gray's subject #258 1239
MeSH Spermatic+Cord

The spermatic cord is the name given to the cord-like structure in males formed by the vas deferens and surrounding tissue that run from the abdomen down to each testicle.


Contents of spermatic cord


The spermatic cord is ensheathed in three layers of tissue:

Clinical significance

The spermatic cord is sensitive to torsion, in which the testicle rotates within its sac and kinks off its own blood supply. Testicular torsion may result in irreversible damage to the testicle within hours.

The contents of the abdominal cavity may protrude into the spermatic cord, producing an indirect inguinal hernia.

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The spermatic cord is a cord-like structure in the human body that run from the abdomen down to each testicle.

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