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Splenic flexure
Illu colorectal anatomy.jpg
Colorectal anatomy. (Splenic flexure labeled at upper right.)
Front of abdomen, showing surface markings for liver, stomach, and great intestine. The duodenum and pancreas. (Left colic flexure labeled at upper right.)
Latin flexura coli dextra, flexura coli sinistra
Gray's subject #249 1180
Precursor Midgut (hepatic), hindgut (splenic)

The splenic (or left colic) flexure is a sharp bend between the transverse and the descending colon in the left upper quadrant of humans. The left colic flexure is near the spleen, and hence called the splenic flexure. There are two colic flexures in the transverse colon — the other being the hepatic flexure in the right upper quadrant.

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