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Spliced logo.jpg
Genre Comedy
Format Animated series
Created by Simon Racioppa
Richard Elliott
Written by Simon Racioppa
Richard Elliott
Mike Kiss
Tim Burns
Dale Schott
Directed by Matt Ferguson
Starring Rob Stefaniuk
Joe Pingle
Katie Crown
Pat McKenna
Mike Kiss
Julie Lemieux
Kedar Brown
Composer(s) Paul Intson
Country of origin  Canada
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 26[1]
Executive producer(s) Tracey Dodokin
Simon Racioppa
Richard Elliott
Producer(s) Vanessa Tilley
Running time 22 minutes (split in two segments)
Production company(s) Teletoon
Original channel Canada Teletoon
United States qubo
Australia ABC3
United Kingdom Nicktoons
MexicoSpainBrazil Disney XD
Sweden Nickelodeon
Original airing September 19, 2009 - October 24, 2009 (United States)
December 2009 - present (Australia)
February 2, 2010 - present (United Kingdom)
April 20, 2009 - present (Latin America)
2009 - present (Sweden)
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Spliced! is a Canadian animated television series produced by Teletoon and Nelvana. It premiered in Latin America on Jetix on April 20, 2009.[2] The series currently airs in Australia on ABC3,[3][4] in the United Kingdom on Nicktoons, in Latin America on Disney XD and in Sweden on Nickelodeon. The series will air in Canada on Teletoon in April 2010.[5] The series aired in the United States on qubo from September 19, 2009 - October 24, 2009.[6]



Spliced! tells the story of mutants that are the result of genetic experiments. They live in an isolated tropical island (recalling The Island of Dr. Moreau) somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The mad scientist who created them was arrested for crimes against nature and good taste and removed by authorities via boat. Left to their own devices, the mutated beasts form a society based on what little they know about humanity from television, radio and comics.[2]


Left to right, top to bottom: Princess Pony, Mister Smarty Smarts, Joe, Patricia, Peri and Entrèe


Peri is a mutant who does not know what his raison d'etre is. His body is extremely elastic, as shown in one episode. His home is in a plane that crashed on the island. He enjoys bowling and a wild improvised game called "bucket-stick-fruit-ball" that always ends with someone being hurt. His best friend is Entree. Peri may be part tiger, squid, raccoon,orange. Peri is voiced by Rob Stefaniuk.


Entrèe (french for enter) is the best friend of Peri. He is a mutant that is part shrimp, pig, cow and chicken (He may also be part plant, as he once almost completely turned into a tree). His home is a giant pizza oven, and his bed a barbecue grill.Entrèe is very susceptible to evil, most of the time he ends up causing more destruction than Mr. Smarty Smarts. He's usually the main target for Joe's two-legged stomp. He is fond of food, especially mayonnaise, in fact in an episode he tried to have a diet that included only this. His obsession leads him to eat inedible objects on several occasions. Entrèe is voiced by Joe Pingue.He walks on his udders, which is pretty funny stuff. Entree is also the most delicious animal on the planet.

Two-legs "Joe"

Two-legs "Joe" is an armless rhinoceros with a bird stuck on his butt. He's the mayor of the city, which ends up being destroyed most of the time. He's always stomping Peri, Entrèe and Mr. Smarty Smarts whenever any of them cause destruction to the city. He also has some sort of control of the sun and gravity through his stomps. The bird on his back is later revealed to be called "Wingus Eternum", a Zen master who doesn't like talking in public, and who claims that "Joe" is actually stuck to his feet.Two-legs "Joe" is voiced by Pat McKenna.


Patricia is simply a platypus with a raindrop-shaped body, she's the only non-mutant on the island as the doctor was probably arrested before he could splice her with anything. She feels very lonely in Keep Away Island being the only one of her kind. While very intelligent, she's not very sure of herself. Although usually quiet, she gets very aggressive if angry. She lives in the city in a fairly orderly tiny house. She appears to be writing a book of poetry as well as the novel: "Marzipan Meadows and the Kingdom of Adventure" (parody of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). Patricia is voiced by Katie Crown.

Princess Pony Ape Hands

Princess Pony Ape Hands is an immense mutant with the mind and vocabulary of a three-year old. She was formed by splicing the head and tail of a pony onto the body of an ape. She may be considered one of the more aggressive mutants, owing to not quite understanding how big she is and inadvertently hurting others with her antics. Her tree house is located deep in the forest and completely pink inside. She wears a ballet tutu and slippers. Although she's a girl, her voice is quite masculine and deep. Princess Pony Ape Hands is voiced by Kedar Brown.


Compuhorse used to be a horse until one day a computer got imbedded in his guts when a computer factory exploded on the island. He is very knowledgeable. He cannot move his lips but speaks similarly to Stephen Hawking, with a synthesized voice, through his keyboard. In the virtual game "Cube Whacker" he's known as OmegaSteed. His best friend is Calcupony and his rival is AlphaDonkey.

Fuzzy Snuggems

Fuzzy is a small explorer seeking adventure beyond the island. but Always fails, He's in search of a land called Amazotopia (possible parody of Amazonas). he often begins talking with the phrase "Expedition note...". Long ago, Fuzzy was chosen by the doctor to combat against robots of another scientist from another island, but could not be stopped and was later reassigned for exploration. At that time, his opening sentence was "Execution note..." (demonstrated in the episode "Sgt Snuggums"). It has been revealed by Lord Wingus ( the bird on Two Legs Joes back ) that were Joe to never get angry again, Fuzzy would rule the island, enslaving all of its occupants. Fuzzy Snuggems is voiced by Julie Lemieux.

Mister Smarty Smarts

Mister Smarty Smarts is a dolphin with two monkey arms and a well-developed primate brain, who attempts to take over the island along with his assistant Octocat. His lair is located on a slope of the volcano, where he and his assistant invent all kinds of creations and can see what happens in the rest of the island through a number of cameras. He thinks the rest of the mutants are fools, believing himself superior, but often ends up feeling lonely. His plans are always thwarted by the stupidity of Peri and Entree (the latter always referred to as "other" or "whats his face" by Smarts, because he does not care or can not remember his name) or to be crushed by Two-legs "Joe". For some reason he is always looking for an excuse to wear a dress. Mister Smarty Smarts is voiced by Mike Kiss.


Octocat is a mutant, resulting from the cross between a cat and an octopus. She is Mister Smarty Smarts's assistant (although it is shown that they share a romantic relationship of some sort). She bakes exquisite Octocupcakes. She and Smarts met after they both crashed their cars together. Unlike the other mutants, she cannot talk, conversing solely in meows, but the others are still able to understand her.


The villainous twin brother of Entrèe. He was frozen in a refrigerator but got thawed out by Entrèe and Peri. During his premiere episode, he acted as a nice guy, but secretly, without Entrèe knowing, he devoured everyone. Entrèe discovered the truth and tried to free his friends but ended up being eaten by Aperitif. He had everyone push against Aperitif's stomach, causing Aperitif to be turned inside out. He was then put in the refrigerator again. Aperitif is voiced by Juan Chioran.

Episode list

# Title Original airdate
1 "Bowled Over/Stuck Together" September 19, 2009 (United States)
December 2009 (Australia)
February 2, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Bowled Over - Peri wants to know what he is good at. Entree finds a secret room for bowling, there Peri realizes that he was born to bowl. However, in trying to prove his bowling ball can be used for other activities, Peri is frustrated by the results and throws the ball into the volcano. After this, an alien civilization, the Pinianus decide to take the island so that the people are its slaves. By realising these aliens have a kinship with bowling, Peri decides to confront them doing what he does best: bowling.

Stuck Together - In search of fun in the lab, Peri and Entree find the doctor' diary, which supposedly tells what the purpose of Peri. The friends go to visit Mister Smarty Smarts to read to him his purpose, but it turns out the genius can't read, so he says Peri was meant to be the best friend of Entree. Peri, excited at discovering his purpose, becomes obsessed with Entree, who can not bear being chased by Peri. Entree decides to splice them together (Peri is really stuck to Entree's body with bandages). Now Peri can not bear to be spliced to Entree, so he decided to un-splice them, but the machine broke down. At that moment arrives Mister Smarty Smarts, who after learning to read decides to tell Peri his real purpose, but Entree had used the paper that had Peri's purpose on it when he went to the bathroom. 
2 "No Play For Princess/Cleaning Up" September 20, 2009 (United States)
December 2009 (Australia)
February 3, 2010 (United Kingdom)

No Play For Princess - Peri and Entree are looking for someone to play with a Bat-launch fruit-bowl, but nobody wants to play with them. The terrifying Princess Pony Ape Hands is the only one who wants to play them. But she plays very rough and Peri and Entree quickly try to ditch her. The young princess throws a major temper tantrum deciding to smash the old nuclear reactor. Patricia forces Peri and Entree to apologize to her so she does'nt destroy the island. Finally they end up having a tea party with Princess Pony.

Cleaning Up - Peri and Entree lose a ball they were playing in the territory of wunny. The wunny follows them, until finally, in the cave of crystals achieve increased startle reflex to Peri on glass. This makes Peri find that there are little creatures living on him. Then, he decides to feed them, and the next day starts a layer of grime, Patricia, Joe and Entree decide to take the bad smell. Peri does not wish to be removed to their new friends amulet. Until finally he is convinced, but the dirt comes off and it becomes a monster who eats everything in his path. Peri, feeling it is his responsibility, flies to join the layer of grime, but the wunny eats him and spits him out. 
3 "Outsmarted/Gordon" October 3, 2009 (United States)
December 2009 (Australia)
February 4, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Outsmarted - Mister Smarty Smarts, tired of the incompetence and ineptitude of the inhabitants of the island, creates a device to make everyone smarter. His utopia is soon ruined as everyone else's intelligence soon goes way past his. They all develop telepathy, and start treating him like an idiot and acting like jerks. To return all the others to normal, Smarts tried to create an intelligence reducing device, which did not work. He tricks the super smart Peri and Entree into building a time machine by playing 'mad scientist says' (simon says) so he can go back in time to prevent himself making the intelligence increasing device, but went back to the past to win a game playing chess he loses to his past self. He keeps repeatedly doing this to himself and goes a bit further into the past (a few seconds before) to win, ending the chapter with a number of arguments between Mister Smarty Smarts.

Gordon - Escaping Princess Pony, Peri and Entree find an old car that is not in use. Entree repairs the vehicle, not knowing that the engine is actually the brain of an evil robot. Together, the friends travel around the island for days with his car Gordon (so called the vehicle). After all that, Peri and Entree do not want to drive for a while, but Gordon wants to keep playing. Gordon decides to abandon the two mutants in the jungle, then creates problems for the villagers. Finally, Gordon is tricked to the volcano by Entree, but the episode ends unfinished because it is suspected that the car comes out of the volcano by wheel marks that appear. 
4 "Fairy Odd Princess/Brothers in Farms" October 10, 2009 (United States)
December 2009 (Australia)
February 5, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Fairy Odd Princess - In the jungle Fuzzy tries to be fired for a chair to fly off and explore, but Entree fell asleep on this and with Peri ends up being expelled upward. His chicken wings saved Entree in the fall, but during that time they fall through a makeup store, a clothesline and a wig shop, completely changing the appearance. They land in the tree house of Princess Pony, who believes they are magical fairies. She gives them everything they ask for in return for dances or fairy tales. Entree uses Princess to get ice cream, burgers and rich snowmobiles. Mister Smarty Smarts discovers how to manipulate Princess, and dresses like the Fairy Queen to get everything he wanted. Peri then discovers that the "Fairy Queen" was Mister Smarty Smarts. They take off their clothes and he does the same with the two friends. Princess, realising that the fairies were imposters, beats them up. Peri and Entree are thrown back onto Fuzzy's chair, and are fired once again.

Brothers in Farms - Peri and Entree looking for something fun in the laboratory of Dr. Conveyor, but in their quest find in a refrigerator a mustachioed Entree-like being frozen in a block of ice. The two friends thawed him out, learning that his name is Aperitif, he speaks French and is refined, distinct from Entree. Aperitiv introduces himself to Entree's "delicious" friends, who all admire him more then Entree. Entree, thinking he is nothing compared to his brother, decides to freeze and in the refrigerator, but discovers notices inside indicating that Aperitif if dangerous. When he returns to town to warn everyone, he realizes that his brother has already devoured everyone, and is himself eaten. Once inside the stomach with the other mutants, Entree devises a plan to exit by pushing Aperitif inside out. Aperitiv's body with exposed organs were returned to the freezer. 
5 "Roots/Two Arms Joe" October 17, 2009 (United States)
December 2009 (Australia)
February 9, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Roots - Entree meets a slouch potato who teaches him the ways of being bored and having a chump do everything for you. So Entee decides to stop walking so Peri pushes him everywhere. Peri soon gets bored but Entree doesn't want to walk so he just lays on the ground and grows roots. The roots do everything for him but he's still bored so he misses Funday. In the end he starts moving again.

Two Arms Joe - Peri and Entree want to make Two-Legs Joe's life easier so they visit the Compuhorse who says he needs arms. So Entree takes off Peri's arms and puts them on Two-Legs Joe's body. 
6 "Honorary Freak/Come to the Dork Side" October 24, 2009 (United States)
December 2009 (Australia)
February 10, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Honorary Freak - Peri and Entree want to know why Patricia is so upset and become "The Smile Squadron", trying to cheer her up in outlandish, fruitless ways. Then they use the brainscan, an object for reading the brain. In the brain of Patricia, they learn that she is sad for being the only platypus of the island. So the duo decide that if she is a mutant, this will feel happy. They send a radioactive dinotarántula to turn her into a freak, then, at the suggestion of Compu-Horse, have two-legs Joe pursues her through a maze, throw her into the mouth of a conescualo and ultimately put her in the Mayo-dome, where Princess threatens to strangle her. But Patricia, her temper at it's peak, clobbers Princess, and demands to know why Peri and Entree put her through all that. She is told that she has passed island's initiation test, and is now an honorary mutant.

Come to the Dork Side - Mister Smarty Smarts acknowledges the destructive power of Peri and Entree and decides to use it to dominate the island. But he decides to just use Peri, sending him a pass for free a movie night, which promises popcorn, candy and evil, only for him. Peri rushess to tell Entree, but realises the ticket says Movie Night is just for him, so he lies and says he received nothing. Once inside the cinema, Mister Smarty Smarts tries to brainwash the mutant with his subliminal movie, but the one who is brainwashed is Entree, who entered the theatre looking for Peri. Entree remembers the lie that his friend told him, and follows him home, attempting destroy Peri, but fails. Entree then creates the Lava-revenge-atron, a tap placed on the volcano's top, with which he threatens to destroy the island. Peri tells him that if that's what he wants, then they will do it together. Mister Smarty Smarts begs them not to, and the friends blackmail him into letting them see the film. The chapter ends with Entree Reusing Lava-revenge-atron to completely destroy the island the movie, having been turned back to evil by watching the film. 
7 "Best Before Date/Stompabout" February 11, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Best Before Date - At the supermarket, Entree has a barcode on his butt scanned, and finds out that he is two days away from his "best before date", after which he will supposedly turn to mush. After a day of trying desperately to "turn back the clock", Entree switches places with Peri, pretending that Peri is Entree, with only a day to live. Peri, buying the deception, decides to destroy all of "his" stuff, and tells his friends what he really thinks of them, as read in "his" diary. When the time finally comes, Peri realises the truth, and Entree, instead of turning to mush, gains a hair-like growth of mould. Entree is then chased by the rest of the mutants, incensed at "his" comments.

Stompabout - When Peri and Entree accidentally cause a Whurl to destroy half the town, Joe loses his temper, demolishing the other half. The other mutants tell Joe that he needs to control his temper. Joe, hurt, leaves, declaring Peri and Entree the new mayors. In solitude, Joe hears from the bird on his back, Lord Wingus Eternum, who teaches him how to control his anger. However, when an entire pack of Whurls attack the town, Joe is forced to regain his temper in order to stop them. 
8 "Amazon/Juice" February 12, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Amazon - Patricia goes on vacation, reluctantly leaving Peri and Entree as housesitters. Peri and Entree end up turning the house into an indoor jungle, and when Patricia gets back, she is captured by her pet Molesters, who have turned into a savage tribe by their new environment. Peri and Entree mount a rescue attempt, but discover that the Molesters have actually made Patricia their queen. Patricia then has Peri and Entree look after the Molesters while she fixes her house. Within six minutes, the Molesters have Peri tied up, and are cooking Entree on a spit.

Juice - Entree becomes obsessed with getting everyone to like him. An accident with a pair of very tight jeans makes him realise that the milk from his top-right udder, "Nugget", is very tasty. Everyone loves the "Nugget" milk, and Entree soon becomes incredibly popular, to the point where he shuns Peri, However, everyone else then becomes addicted to the milk, and when "Nugget" runs dry, they chase after Entree. Peri saves Entree by squirting milk from his other udders into everyone else's mouths, the vile taste snapping them out of it. Entree thanks Peri by squirting some "Nugget" milk into his mouth, which causes Peri to become addicted to it, and he goes crazy. 
9 "Stupid Means Never Having To Say I'm Sorry/Cube Whacked" February 15, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Stupid Means Never Having To Say I'm Sorry - Entree's lucky stone goes missing, and he Peri hang Patricia, Princess and Joe from a tree, falsy accusing them of stealing. After they get down, the others demand an apology, Which Peri and Entree are too proud to give. In response, Peri and Entree are marooned on an island in Ankledeep Lake. Soon after they arrive, Entree accuses Peri of stealing the lucky stone, and the two refuse to apologise to each other. Going to the other sides of the island, Peri and Entree make new friends out of a tyre and a coconut. When their new friends threaten their lives, Peri and Entree finally scream "We're sorry!", which is heard by Joe, who crushes the tyre and coconut. Once back home, Peri and Entree annoy everyone by repeatedly saying "sorry" for everything.

Cube Whacked - Compuhorse tries to be friends with Entree and Peri, but they find him no fun, until they discover he has a game called "Cube Whacker" in his system. They begin to spend all their time with Compuhorse, who quickly realises they only like him for the game, so he removes it from his system. Peri and Entree recover the game and put it in the Doctor's old computer, using special helmets to become an actual part of the gameplay. They have fun at first, but then realise that if they lose all their lives, they will die in the real world. They are saved by the arrival of a character called Omegasteed, who helps them get through to the final level, and sacrifices himself defeating the boss. Back in the real world, Peri and Entree discover that Omegasteed was really Compuhorse. Declaring him the coolest, they ask him to be their friend, which he answers to by starting a lecture on the history of cool. 
10 "Fuzzy's Great Journey/Octocatastrophe" February 16, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Fuzzy's Great Journey - After Fuzzy fails at reaching "Amazatopia" yet again, Peri, Entree, Joe, Patricia and Princess decide to make his dream come true by pretending to Amazonians, dressing themselves up and making the whole island look like Fuzzy's vision of Amazatopia. However, Fuzzy sees through their ruse, and is hurt, thinking they wanted him to give up exploring. To make amends, the other make a rocket for Fuzzy to fly to Amazatopia in. Touched, Fuzzy forgives his friends, and takes off in the rocket, which ends up crashing after about ten seconds in the air.

Octocatastrophe - After his scheme to place a mind control collar on Two-legs Joe fails, Mister Smarty Smarts becomes very despressed, sitting in his bathtub for a week. Octocat starts working behind his back, placing collars on the other mutants, and forcing them to build something in the middle of time. Meanwhile, Smarts finally gets out of the tub, and finds out what Octocat has been doing. Incensed, he enlists Peri and Entree (the only ones not collared) to be his new minions. Together, they remove the collars from the mutants, and Smarts confronts Octocat, discovering that she was actually having a statue of him built. Touched, Smarts forgets that he had placed a bomb on the statue, that completely destroys it. Smarts and Octocat are then attacked by the other mutants. 
11 "Promises, Promises/Joe Loses His Stomp" February 17, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Promises, Promises - After Patricia lets Entree have a piece of her swineapple pie in returning for his promising to do her yardwork, he starts getting favours from the other mutants in return for more promises, which he fails to keep. When the others come and demand that Entree live up to his side of their bargains, he and Peri flee to Mister Smarty Smarts' lair. Entree asks Smarts for a disguise, promising him a brain in return. The disguise helps Entree to evade the other mutants, but Smarts comes wanting a brain, and takes Peri's, turning him into a mindless vegetable. Distraught, Entree goes to Smarts, asking for Peri's brain back. Smarts refuses, saying that Entree never lives up to his promises. Entree rushes off and keeps every last promise he made to the others, proving to Smarts that he can keep them. Smarts agrees to give Peri back his brain, and takes Entree's (Which doesn't seem to effect him). Smarts places Entree's brain in his toaster, which iommediately blows up in his face.

Joe Loses His Stomp - After a particulary exhausting day of stomping, Joe wakes up to find out that he can no longer stomp. Peri and Entree decide to help Joe find his stomp again, by bringing him to his "happy place". Meanwhile, Smarty Smarts capitalises on Joe's lack of stomping by using his "Cyber-Stomper" machine to terrorise the village. All of Peri and Entree's attempts to make Joe happy fail. It is only when they're crushed by a giant dirtball that Joe becomes happy enough to stomp again. Joe confronts Smarty Smarts, using his "eclipse stomp" to block the Cyber-Stomper's solar power. Joe then stomps Smarty Smarts into the ground. 
12 "Taste of Friendship/Sugar Low" February 18, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Taste of Friendship - While playing a game of "super lick challenge" with Entree, Peri licks a glowing rock in the Doctor's lab. When he wakes up the next morning, he finds out that he has superpowers. As Peri uses his powers to help the islanders, Entree becomes incredibly jealous. Entree goes to the Doctor's lab, hoping to lick the rock and gain superpowers too, but accidentally cracks it open, revealing an alien squid, who offers to give Entree powers by attaching to his head. The new superpowered Entree quickly starts bragging to Peri, but the squid then takes over his body, going on a rampage. Peri fights his friend, and eventually removes the squid, and throws it into space. Unfortunately, without the squid, neither Peri nor Entree have any powers, so they both suffer a painful crash landing. The squid ends up on the head of an astronaut.

Sugar Low - Peri starts doing favours for the other mutants, being rewarded with sweets and confectionaries. He then has a massive pig-out, getting a sugar high so strong that he moves at such a speed that the other mutants look to be standing still. Peri does more favours for them at super-speed, but after his high comes down, realizes that he was moving so fast, they did not even notice him. Peri makes himself get another sugar high, at the same time Mister Smarty Smarts tries to use an amnesia ray (which Peri had given him earlier) on the village. Peri spots the ray before it hits, and deflects it with a mirror. Smarts uses his equipment to detect Peri, and learns the secret of his speed. Inducing his own sugar high, Smarts goes after Peri, chasing him round the island, their speed creating what seems like a hurricane to the other mutants, Eventually, they both return to normal, and declare a stalemate, having destroyed the village and rotted their teeth. 
13 "Compu Peri/Marzipan Meadows" February 19, 2010 (United Kingdom)

Compu Peri - Peri gets a new pet, Pistachio the buppy (part bat, part puppy). When Pistachio runs away, Peri is heartbroken. After visiting Compuhorse, Peri decides to not feel any emotions anymore, and dresses up in a computer outfit, becoming "Compu Peri". His friends try to snap him out of out, by using a number of stimuli, from placing him in danger to blowing up his house, but nothing works. After visiting Compuhorse again, Peri finds that the computerised horse also feels emotions, so he gives up being Compu Peri, and become highly emotional instead.

Marzipan Meadows - While working on her novel, "Marzipan Meadows and the Kingdom of Adventure", Patricia is constantly distracted by the antics of the other islanders. She quickly loses her temper, threatening to beat everyone up if they don't let her work in peace. When Patricia tries to move on with her story, she experiences writer's block, and realises that her friends crazy antics actually gave her inspiration. Patricia goes out to find the others, but, thinking she's going to beat them up, they run away from her, straight over a cliff. Patricia tries to save the others, but they all end up falling. Back home, Patricia tells her friends to do whatever they please. Peri and Entree then set fire to Patricia's house, and she beats them up. 


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