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BaE sep.jpg
Tracked version of BAE Hägglunds SEP.
Place of origin  Sweden
Weight 13,500 kg (30,000 lb)
Length 5.9 m (19 ft)
Width 2.9 m (9 ft 6 in)
Height 2.0 m (6 ft 7 in)
Crew 2
8 passengers

Engine 2 × diesel
2 × 270 hp
Power/weight 15.6 kW/t (21.2 PS/t) (max weight)
Suspension 8×8 wheeled or
600 km (370 mi)
Speed Over 120 km/h (70 mph) on road

SEP modular armoured vehicle (Splitterskyddad enhetsplattform), Swedish for "Fragmentation Protected Standard Platform", is an hybrid diesel-electric powered Armoured Fighting Vehicle developed by BAE Systems AB. The vehicle is codenamed "Thor". The first demonstration models were produced in 2000 (tracked) and 2003 (wheeled).[1] It was originally contracted by the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration. Later Sweden decided to buy the Finnish Patria AMV. As of July 2009 no country is considering the vehicle.


The project began in 1994.[1] Sweden's original requirement was 1600 vehicles. The vehicles were planned to enter service in 2014 and the modular payload configuration was expected to allow up to 24 variants.[2]

In February 2008, the Swedish Armed Forces announced the cancellation of the SEP programme. The reasons stated were a 'lack of an international collaborative partner' which prevented the Swedish armed forces from continuing the project alone.[3] The vehicle was also dropped from the Future Rapid Effect System in July 2007.

In 2009 BAE announced that Kongsberg Devotek would develop gears and transmissions for the vehicle.[4]

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