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The Springerdor is a 50/50 pedigree hybrid between a male Springer Spaniel and a female Labrador if the father was a Labrador then the pups are known as labradingers. They have a coat of black or chocolate(sometimes with white) . They have long, dangling ears ,good for heat dispersal and a medium-sized snout which allows them to pick up smells from around a hundred feet away. Their hind legs allow them to run quite fast and jump very high, easily clearing a field gate. they are quite as happy to chase other animals like all dogs but can also excel in advanced training.

Males and females

Females are very territorial . They also have a need for puppies of their own (likely following ther pack instincts), and so will stop at nothing to attempt to mate during breeding season. Unlike pedigrees, Springerdor biches will not allow people and animals to come near their offspring until they can walk, where after that, the bond does not break and so they will become a Pack.the offspring from a female springerdor and male springerdor are not true springerdor as they are not 50/50 pedigree hybrid.

Males are less solitary, and will enter other territories at will. After mating season, the males can either form a pack with their mate, or otherwise stay solitary, depending on if they are either already in a pack, or if they are unable to reach their mate (i.e. moving house).

Because of the Spaniels good sense of smell , and the retriever's fondness at hunting , Springerdors can be bred for Police K-9 units.

Most Springerdor pups come from working stock rather than show stock. A Springerdor from show stock will make a better family pet than a Springerdor from working stock, working stock Springerdor need to be worked / love to be worked, sadly this can be seen in the number of Springerdor needing to be re-housed at a young age, as young, working stock Springerdor can seem very wild and misbehaved to the novis handler who don't do their research before buying a pup and find they can't keep up with their endless 24/7 energy.

Some say the Springerdor was one of the first of a new dog fad, known as a designer bred dogs, so called "designer" by puppy farms to increase sales, cashing in on such working hybrids (50/50 pedigree) as the Springerdor and then breeding hybrid dogs just for looks and sadly money, also giving them double barrel names depending on the perant dogs i.e.:- pugg and a beagle to make a puggle seems pure greed and vanity. A good dog handler will stir clear of these none working hybrids as a none working pedigree would be more suited and do not promote puppy farming. The point of a hybrid such as the Springerdor is to capture the working traits of both Parent dogs, to make a more versatile working dog i.e. searcher/ retriever for land and water.



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