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Spunkball is a fictional game played by delinquent teens in which a gasoline soaked rag wrapped into a ball of aluminum foil with a firecracker fuse is tossed at nearby vehicles stopped at traffic lights, creating a grenade-like effect. The game is said to have caused countless injuries and costly damages. The legend also states cars with windows down are the targets and the teenagers will shout Spunkball![1][2]



The myth first appeared via e-mail alerts in February 2000 and quickly began to circulate. In February 2002 the myth was given some credibility when text from one of these emails appeared on an Allstate Insurance message, authorized by Bea Maggio. It was later found Maggio hadn't been acting in official capacity of the company and merely acted in the classic e-mail forward fashion. The myth was dusted off but began to recirculate in March 2002.[3]


There have been no recorded incidents of this kind of a game happening. There have been incidents of similar nature however.


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