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Squamous metaplasia refers to benign (non-cancerous) changes in the epithelial linings of certain organs within the body. These cells assume a more squamous morphology. Common sites for squamous metaplasia include the bladder and cervix. Smokers often exhibit squamous metaplasia in the linings of their airways. These changes don't signify a specific disease, but rather usually represent the body's response to stress or irritation. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to squamous metaplasia.

In regards to the cervix, squamous metaplasia can sometimes be found in the exocervix, as it is composed of squamous epithelium, whereas the endocervix is composed of columnar epithelium.[1]. Squamous metaplasia in the cervix is generally a response to non-specific irritation, and has little to no potential to become malignant.

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