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Square cut swimsuit.
Man (center) in square cut swimsuit.

The square cut or square leg style suit is a form-fitting male swimsuit used as a slightly more conservative style than swim briefs for water polo and diving, or for recreational wear. Like swim briefs, they are made of a nylon and spandex blend. They typically sit low on the waist and high on the thigh, but provide more coverage for the upper leg than briefs. The square-cut style was popular as a recreational swimsuit for men during the 1950s.[1]

Suits of this type are named for the coverage that they provide to the upper thighs due to a square seam opening for the leg. Square leg suits range in appearance from those similar to swim briefs with a slightly straighter front and wider side panelling (eliminating the arc appearance on the leg), to those resembling boxer briefs by providing an inch or more of fabric coverage over the upper section of the leg.

Another type of the square leg suit nicknamed the "funky short" for its colorful floral patterns was popular in Australia in the 1970s and made a fashion comeback in 2004 for recreational swimming and beach wear.

In 2006, square cut suits resembling its 1950s predecessor made a comeback in the United States and Europe. Several fashion designers, including Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, introduced designer retro-style square leg suits to their catalogs, and Speedo followed with a more moderately priced version.[1] In some South American countries such as Brazil, square-legged suits are the norm.

Popular culture

Actor Daniel Craig wore a square leg bathing suit in the James Bond movie Casino Royale.

In the Gaki no Tsukai batsu game new years special, featuring Hamada, Tanaka, and Yamazaki, they were given square leg suit of an undisclosed brandname, though they were redubbed "prime-time shorts", as censorship laws required them to be clothed for the time block. (Nudity is customary in Japan in relation to spas or onsen.


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