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Squirrel Boy
Format Animated sitcom
Created by Everett Peck
Directed by Raymie Muzquiz
Starring Pamela Adlon
Richard Horvitz
Kurtwood Smith
Nancy Sullivan
Billy West
Carlos Alazraqui
Tom Kenny
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26 (List of episodes)
Running time 22 minutes
Original channel Cartoon Network
Original run May 27, 2006 (2006-05-27) – September 27, 2007 (2007-09-27)

Squirrel Boy is an American animated television series produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The series, created and executive produced by Everett Peck, who was also the creator of the more adult-humored Duckman, premiered on May 27, 2006 on Cartoon Network. It is also shown on Cartoon Network in Australia and New Zealand and Teletoon in Canada. The show ended on September 27, 2007.



Squirrel Boy focuses on the life of a nine-year-old boy named Andy Johnson (named after the former United States President, Andrew Johnson) who lives with his pet squirrel, Rodney, who is often full of ideas (some of them used to make money). Rodney is disliked by Andy's father, but the two sometimes work together when they need to. Many of the animal characters in the series are anthropomorphic (except for "Crazy Dog," a neighboring pet dog who constantly barks for no reason, and despite the fact that Crazy Dog isn't anthropomorphic, his identical twin brother is). Andy and Rodney are enemies with a boy named Kyle and his anthropomorphic parrot, Salty Mike, who constantly pick on Andy and Rodney and act as bullies towards them, and are also cynical to other characters in the show. Other squirrel characters in the show include Leon, a stray blue squirrel who lives in a tree in Andy's yard, and Darlene, an attractive stray squirrel and Rodney's love interest. The series most likely takes place in the summertime, seeing as none of the child characters in the show attend school and don't appear to be home-schooled.



Main characters

Rodney J. Squirrel (left) and Andy Johnson (right)
  • Andy Johnson is a 9-year old boy who owns friend and pet squirrel, Rodney J. Squirrel. Andy usually follows what Rodney thinks is, "a good idea," which usually gets Andy into trouble. At times, though, Andy will be the mastermind of these foolish plans. Sometimes they get into arguments, but they always work it out. They also have their own secret language. Mr. Bob Johnson and Mrs. Lucille Johnson are his parents. Kyle Finkster is Andy's nemesis. Oscar is his human friend, who is protected by his parents from getting dirty or hurt. Andy loves to collect combs and is a Badger Scout. He is on a Little League team called The Fighting Worms, which is coached by Mr. J. (later by Rodney). He is allergic to cashews. In more than one episode, he is shown to have obsessive-compulsive disorder, stating he is "making a new ritual," or "just touching all the light switches in the house before going to bed." His neighbor, Martha, has shown some signs that she has a crush on him in the episodes she appears in: "Outta Sight," "Birthday Boy," and "Trouble Date." "Outta Sight" shows some signs of her affection, but she shows it toward him in the episode "Trouble Date." He seems quite interested in many things, and has a good special sauce. He was named after the former U.S. President Andrew Johnson. His grandma has been said to have given his family a few things before she mysteriously vanished.[citation needed]
    Voiced by Pamela Adlon.
  • Rodney J. Squirrel is an anthropomorphic red squirrel and one of the main characters. His "childish" antics add humor and personality to the series. He often slacks off while Andy does all the work and is frequently annoying Mr. Johnson, Andy's father. Rodney once saved Mr. Johnson's life by accidentally landing on him, therefore releasing a cheese log that Mr. Johnson choked on; however, Mr. Johnson still disliked Rodney. He had a sailor's hat once and was convinced it sold sandwiches; it was actually a twelve-pack (of sailor hats).

He apparently cannot write, shown when Rodney is writing a goodbye note, and is actually a bunch of squiggles, vertical and horizontally; when he tries to spell Andy's name, he spells it "Adny". He once received a letter about being a blue tailed "stump fumbler". Rodney says he "dyed it".

He is in love with a yellow female squirrel named Darlene and has a cousin named Eddie, who is a flying squirrel. Rodney usually sleeps in a cardboard box next to Andy's bed. He was a replacement coach for a Little League team called "The Fighting Worms" that used to be coached by Mr. Johnson. He is the leader of The Rod Squad. He has a craving for sticky buns and almost risked his life to get some. He and Andy's favorite cereal is Puffy Pirate Shirt Puffs (a parody of Captain Crunch).
He is voiced by Richard Horvitz.

  • Bob Johnson, usually referred to as Mr. J, is Andy's father who doesn't care much for Rodney and isn't afraid to show it. He say things like, "Andy, what did I tell you about pets touching your food?" Then Rodney will bring some comic relief like, "It's okay Mr. J. Andy's hands are clean." Mr. J. will then just walk away. He has lost in many competitions, such as cheese-log-eating contests or melon-cart racing. He has a collection of clowns in different moods. In one episode where Rodney enters a Manzio Pet Shampoo contest he says, "We all made mistakes when we were young. That's why paste is edible."

He's also shown a good amount of unhappiness about losing his hair. He misses his hair, and grows hair all over his body when Rodney made a hair growth formula, only to have it all fall out. In "Yer Out!" He coached a Little League team called "The Fighting Worms", but they didn't like him. Rodney replaced him, so he started to coach the rival team, "The Worm Crushers". News reporters made an embarrassing report on him when Rodney replaced him. He also raced in the Melon Crate Derby to get revenge on a Scottish boy who (He claimed) always cheated when he was young. He lost his voice while watching a comedy about a cow when he was supposed to give an important speech to the Badger Scouts. He made a dream lawn which Rodney, Andy, Salty Mike, and Kyle destroyed.
Voiced by Kurtwood Smith.

  • Mrs. Johnson is Andy's mother. She is one of the characters that (so far) barely talks in the show (excluding "Andy had a Little Squirrel"). She usually is very quiet, cute and will only say one line, sometimes it only being to make a joke. She has a very cheery, happy-go-lucky personality, and is very mild tempered. She also has a singing talent.
    Voiced by Nancy Sullivan.

Major characters

  • Kyle Finkster is a rowdy little brat who likes to bully Andy Johnson, Andy and Rodney's arch enemy. Kyle has a pet parrot Named Salty Mike. He first appeared in "Scout's Dishonor", where he was in the Badger Scouts. Kyle got Andy and Rodney in trouble. Then Andy got blamed when Kyle should have. Andy and Rodney were glad they would never see him or his pet/friend parrot again but they moved into Andy's neighborhood as part of Kyle's father's Witness Protection Program. Kyle seems to like using hammer or hammer-type things to cause damage to property.

It seems that they like to purloin things, for instance in Up All Night, he and Salty Mike were stealing lawn ornaments. In Harried Treasure, they would take all of the treasure from Rodney and Andy. It also seems that Kyle never learns anything from his mistakes. When Kyle's toenails grow too long, they have to be clipped off by Salty Mike. In Yer Out!, he is part of Andy's Little League team "The Fighting Worms" which is coached by Mr. Johnson (later by Rodney).

Kyle seems to get easily annoyed and angered, often stating things that make him mad. ("Fancy British talk makes me mad...")
He is voiced by Billy West.

  • Salty Mike is Kyle Finkster's Pet, green pet/friend parrot and arch enemy of Rodney; his wings are clipped, which he is embarrassed about, and as such, cannot fly; unlike normal parrots, he does not repeat what others say.

Along with Kyle -he is a thief. He and Rodney tried to help their respective friends (Rodney helped Andy and Salty Mike helped Kyle) do better in the Badger Scouts. Salty Mike entered a Manzio pet shampoo contest and lost because he had feathers instead of hair (he took the Manzio's wig off). In "Island in the Street", he and Rodney got trapped on an island. When Kyle's nails overgrow, Salty Mike has to clip them off.
Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.

  • Oscar is Andy's human friend. He first appeared in "Scout's Dishonor" where he was seen in a TV screen camping and apparently couldn't come. In "Andy Had A Little Squirrel" he befriended Rodney and replaced Andy briefly. In the episode "Best of Best Friends" both Rodney and Andy temporarily make Oscar both of their best friend and constantly fought over him due to both getting in a huge fight and for that time were no longer best friends. Oscar also has a little sister Lulu, that likes to hug squirrels very tight. Oscar's parents are very protective of Oscar, often making him wear a helmet and denying him any pet. On the other hand, they seem to not care less about the welfare of Lulu, who often indulges in unsafe and unhygenic activities.
    Voiced by Jason Spisak.
  • Leonopolis "Leon" is Rodney's squirrel buddy who lives in the tree in the Johnson family's backyard. He is more a squirrel who loves the outdoors than an indoor pet and usually tries to find nuts. Leon also enjoys running on telephone wires, playing on busy streets, and being out in the sun all day. Though he is an outdoor animal, he still has a working television in his home with cable access. His tree is continuously in danger of being knocked down, whether by Mr. J putting in the pool or by lightning storm.

Nothing will never rattle Leon. When things get out of control, Rodney relies on Leon for help. In Pool for Love, Mr. J. (Mr. Johnson) wanted to cut down Leon's tree for a swimming pool. Leon also likes playing on busy streets, enjoys being in the sun all day, and likes to walk on telephone wires. He is part of the Rod Squad along with Rodney and Darlene. Leon is also very cute, he is blue. Plus his tree is the only thing he has in his life except for the ninety pounds of hair he saved but he lost in the "Swimming pool" episode. He loves his tree a lot. In the episode "Birthday Boy", Rodney asks Leon if he can have a present for Andy. Rodney turns down the offers because all Leon had was aged trash. As Rodney is leaving Leon says," If you change your mind, you're welcome to come back!". As it appears in the tree, Leon's favorite food is rotten apple cores. Leon's voice has somewhat of a Canadian accent, except his tone is lazier and more high-pitched. Leon appears larger than Rodney, but it is unsure if he weighs more, although this is assumed. Leon also has a reddish nose.
He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

Recurring characters

  • Darlene is introduced in "Pool for Love". Darlene wears a polka dot ribbon on her head and yellow fur and a hairdo. When Rodney fell in love with her, she's Rodney's friend and she likes Rodney. She enjoys swimming, ribbons, sap, sunrise, sunset, other furry animals, cooking, and flowers, especially Daffodils. She is hard to upset or anger, and is calm, gentle, and a sweet personality. Darlene is interested in the paranormal subjects, and uses horoscopes, zodiac signs, and meditation. She also looks partially like "Sandy Cheeks", from the Nicktoon SpongeBob SquarePants. Also, Darlene is terrified of bumper cars, due to a traumatic experience with them.
    Voiced by Monica Lee Gradischek.
  • Martha is the Johnsons' neighbor. She first appeared in "Outta Sight" and was seen clipping hedges that everyone (except Andy) thought was ugly. She is very conceited because she thinks she is better than everyone at everything. She is also known to secretly have a crush on Andy after he said her hedges were nice and after they spent the day together in "Trouble Date".
    Voiced by Eliza Schneider.
  • Esther Flatbottom is a frail old woman with a short fuse who lives across the street from the Johnsons. Many times, she claims she "knew" that an event would happen. For instance, in the episode "Screw-Up in Aisle Six," she says that she knew that Rodney would take the last jar of lettuce juice. She usually appears to unfortunately spoil something, like catching Andy and Rodney being framed, or chasing Rodney across the neighborhood. She uses a motorized "Rascal" style scooter that has even appeared with rockets in the back. She makes delicious lemonade, which sends people into a trance with a white background, and rainbows are also accompanied in some way. She first appeared in "Up All Night". Her name was revealed in "Pool for Love".
    Voiced by Mona Marshall.
  • Crazed Dog is one of enemy of Rodney and the others who is constantly barking like a Jerk.


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