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Stöð 2
The Stöð 2 logo
Launched October 9, 1986
Owned by 365 corporation
Country  Iceland
Website Official Site

Stöð 2 (English: Channel 2) is an Icelandic television channel of 365 corporation founded in 1986. It was the first privately owned television station in Iceland and it was established following the lifting of the state monopoly on television broadcasting.


List of programs (incomplete)



  • Fréttir, an evening news program, every evening at 6:30 pm
  • Ísland í dag, "Iceland Today", a daily magazine covering various aspects of life in Iceland such as politics, culture and entertainment. It also includes sport, news and weather

Culture and entertainment

  • Eldsnöggt með Jóa Fel, cooking show
  • Sjálfstætt fólk, "independent people" interview program with Jón Ársæll Þórðarson and Steingrímur Jón Þórðarson
  • Logi í Beinni, an Icelandic Talk show hosted by Logi Bergmann Eiðsson
  • Fangavaktin, a continuation of Næturvaktin and Dagvaktin
  • Ástríður
  • Auddi og sveppi
  • Algjör sveppi

Former shows

  • Einu sinni var...', "Once Upon A Time", a history show
  • Strákarnir, comedy
  • Það var lagið, talent show
  • Meistarinn, quiz show, hosted by Logi Bergmann Eiðsson
  • Stelpurnar, sketch show
  • Veggfóður, show about design and life style. Hosted by Vala Matt and Hálfdán Steinþórsson
  • The X Factor, the Icelandic version
  • Næturvaktin
  • Dagvaktin
  • Réttur
  • Pressa
  • Idol Stjörnuleit, the Icelandic version of Pop Idol and related shows (Returning in 2009)
  • Silfur Egils, Sunday talkshow with interviews of those who made the news in the past week
  • Kompás, A weekly newsmagazine
  • Fóstbræður
  • Svínasúpan

Imported shows

Most of the shows on the channel are, however, imported from the United States, Australia or the UK. Foreign programmes are subtitled in Icelandic. Generally, American shows are a few months behind the original American network presentation and some times the show is re-run.

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