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St. Dunstan's Church.

St. Dunstan's is a church dedicated to St. Dunstan in Canterbury, Kent, slightly out of the city centre.


Thomas Becket

On Henry II's penitential pilgrimage here in 1174, he changed into his sackcloth and ashes in which he then walked to Thomas Becket's tomb.

Sir Thomas More

His daughter Margaret secured the release of More's head from its spike on London Bridge and brought it back to the family tomb of her husband William Roper here. The family lived down the street, and the facade of their home is still maintained with a commemorative plaque. The Roper family vault is located underneath the Nicholas Chapel, to the right of the church's main altar. It was sealed in recent years, according to Anglican tradition. A large stone slab marks its location to the immediate left of the chapel's altar. Three impressive stained glass windows line the chapel, the one behind the altar depicts in brilliant detail the major events and symbols in the life of the Saint. Another of the windows commemorates the visit of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to Canterbury to pray with the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury at the site of the martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral. The window displays the arms of the Archbishop's diocese and the Pope. Plaques mounted on the walls explain the veracity of the relic of the Saint's head, the sealing of the vault which contains it, and the life of the Saint, including a prayer he wrote.

Coordinates: 51°17′1.17″N 1°4′14.93″E / 51.2836583°N 1.0708139°E / 51.2836583; 1.0708139


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