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Coordinates: 51°44′24″N 0°20′13″W / 51.740°N 0.337°W / 51.740; -0.337

St. Albans
County constituency
St. Albans shown within Hertfordshire, and Hertfordshire shown within England
Created: 1554, 1885
MP: Anne Main
Party: Conservative
Type: House of Commons
County: Hertfordshire
EP constituency: East of England

St. Albans is a constituency represented in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Established in 1885, it is a county constituency in Hertfordshire, and elects one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election; between 1554 and 1852 there was a parliamentary borough of the same name, consisting only of the city of St Albans, which elected two MPs.



The St Albans constituency lies is in the English county of Hertfordshire. It comprises the cathedral city of St Albans and some of the surrounding countryside, mainly to the south of the city.

When the constituency was created in 1885, it also included the areas of High Barnet, Borehamwood, Elstree, Welwyn, Wheathampstead, and Harpenden, all of which were transferred to other constituencies at subsequent boundary redistributions.


The constituency elected a borough representative for over 300 years, until it was disenfranchised as a result of an electoral corruption in 1852. The constituency was re-established in 1885.

The constituency was historically held by the Conservative Party. Peter Lilley was a notable recent Conservative MP for the constituency. Following boundary changes in 1997, he moved to the newly created constituency of Hitchin and Harpenden.

Members of Parliament




Year First member First party Second member Second party
April 1640  ? Sir John Jennings Parliamentarian
November 1640 Edward Wingate Parliamentarian
1642 Richard Jennings Parliamentarian
December 1648 Wingate and Jennings excluded in Pride's Purge - both seats vacant
1653 St Albans was unrepresented in the Barebones Parliament
1654 Alban Cox St Albans had only one seat in the First and
Second Parliaments of the Protectorate
January 1659 Richard Jennings
May 1659 Not represented in the restored Rump
April 1660 William Foxwist Richard Jennings
1661 Thomas Arris
1668 Samuel Grimston
February 1679 Sir Thomas Pope Blount John Gape
August 1679 Samuel Grimston
1685 Captain George Churchill [1] Thomas Docwra
1689 Sir Samuel Grimston
January 1701 Joshua Lomax
March 1701 John Gape
1705 Admiral Henry Killigrew
1708 John Gape Joshua Lomax
1710 William Grimston [2]
1713 William Hale [3]
1714 John Gape
1715 William Hale
1717 Joshua Lomax
1722 William Gore William Clayton
1727 The Viscount Grimston Caleb Lomax
1730 Thomas Gape
1733 John Merrill
1734 Sir Thomas Aston Thomas Ashby
1741 James West
1743 Hans Stanley
1747 Sir Peter Thompson
1754 Hon. James Grimston [4]
1761 Viscount Nuneham
1768 (Sir) Richard Sutton [5] John Radcliffe
1780 William Charles Sloper
1783 The Viscount Grimston
1784 Hon. William Grimston
1790 Hon. Richard Bingham [6] Tory John Calvert
1796 Thomas Skip Dyot Bucknall Tory
1800 William Stephen Poyntz Whig
1802 Hon. James Grimston Tory
1807 Joseph Thompson Halsey Whig
1809 Daniel Giles Whig
1812 Christopher Smith Tory
February 1818 William Tierney Robarts Whig
June 1818 Lord Charles Spencer-Churchill Tory
1820 Christopher Smith Tory
1821 Sir Henry Wright-Wilson Tory
1826 John Easthope Whig
1830 Viscount Grimston Tory Charles Tennant Whig
1831 Sir Francis Vincent Whig Richard Godson Whig
1832 Henry George Ward Whig
1835 Hon. Edward Harbottle Grimston Conservative
1837 George Alfred Muskett Whig
February 1841 The Earl of Listowel Whig
June 1841 George Repton Conservative
1846 Benjamin Bond Cabbell Conservative
1847 Alexander Raphael Whig
1850 Jacob Bell Whig
1852 Constituency disfranchised for corruption

1885-present day

Election Member Party
1885 Viscount Grimston Conservative
1892 Vicary Gibbs Conservative
1904 by-election John Slack Liberal
1906 Sir Hildred Carlile Conservative
1919 by-election Sir Francis Fremantle Conservative
1943 by-election[7] John Grimston Conservative
1945 Cyril Dumpleton Labour
1950 John Grimston Conservative
1959 Sir Victor Goodhew Conservative
1983 Peter Lilley Conservative
1997 Kerry Pollard Labour
2005 Anne Main Conservative

Election results

Confirmed candidates for the next UK general election [8]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Green Pete Eggleston
UKIP Richard Evans
Conservative Anne Main
Labour Roma Mills
Liberal Democrat Sandy Walkington
General Election 2005: St Albans
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Anne Main 16,953 37.3 +2.1
Labour Kerry Pollard 15,592 34.3 −11.1
Liberal Democrat Michael Green 11,561 25.4 +7.5
UKIP Richard Evans 707 1.6 +0.2
St Albans Party Janet Girsman 430
Independent Mark Reynolds 219
Majority 1,361 3.0
Turnout 45,462 70.0 +3.7
Conservative gain from Labour Swing 6.6
General Election 2001: St Albans
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Kerry Pollard 19,889 45.4 +3.4
Conservative Charles Elphicke 15,423 35.2 +2.0
Liberal Democrat Nick Rijke 7,847 17.9 −3.1
UKIP Chris Sherwin 602 1.4
Majority 4,466 10.2 +1.4
Turnout 43,761 66.3 −11.2
Labour hold Swing 0.7
General Election 1997: St Albans
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Kerry Pollard 21,338 42.0
Conservative David Rutley 16,879 33.2
Liberal Democrat Anthony Rowlands 10,692 21.0
Referendum Party Jim Warrilow 1,619 3.2
Rainbow Alliance Sari Craigen 166 0.3
Natural Law Ian Docker 111 0.2
Majority 4,459 8.8
Turnout 50,805 77.5
Labour gain from Conservative Swing

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