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Stanisław Haller

Stanisław Haller (born 26 April 1872, murdered in April 1940) was a Polish politician and general, and cousin of General Józef Haller de Hallenburg.



Between 1894 and 1918 he served in the Austro-Hungarian Army. Among other functions, he was commandant of Fortress Kraków. In 1918 he joined the renascent Polish Army. During the Polish-Soviet War he contributed to the defeat of Budionny's army and its expulsion beyond the Bug River. In 1919-1920, 1923-25 and in May 1926 he was Chief of the Polish General Staff. After 1926 he was placed in retirement as a political opponent of the new regime headed by Józef Piłsudski.

In 1939 he was arrested by the Soviets and placed in a POW camp in Starobielsk[1][2]. Along with other Polish POWs, he was murdered by the NKVD in April 1940 near Kharkov, in the Katyn Massacres[1].

Stanisław Haller is patron of the 5th command regiment of the Kraków-based Polish 2nd Mechanized Corps.


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