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Staple may refer to:


  • Staple, Kent, a village in Kent, England near Sandwich
  • Staple, Nord, a commune in the Nord department in northern France
  • Staple, Louisiana
  • The staple, a medieval system of trade and taxation in England
  • Staple port, a port in which trade was regulated
  • The staple a common reference to the (historical) English wool staple port
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Simple English

Staple may mean:

  • Staple (fastener), a small piece of metal used to hold sheets of material or wires together
  • Staple food, a food that is the basic part of a diet. This meaning is often used to cover other areas besides food (A rollercoaster is a theme park staple).
  • Staple (textiles) is the raw material, or its length and quality, of fibre from which textiles are made. It is the material in its standard form as a traded commodity.
  • The Staple Singers, a United States gospel, soul, and R&B singing group.
  • Staple (band), a Christian post-hardcore band.
  • STAPLE!, a convention for creators of comics, minicomics, and other independent media


  • A staple port was one in which trade in specified goods was regulated. The term is a medieval one. Normally the king licensed a particular group of merchants to trade in the commodity, in an area such as his kingdom and their trading had to be done in the staple town or port.
  • The staple was the staple port where wool exports were traded. From 1363 to 1558, this was at Calais.
  • Staple, Nord (pronunciation: stohpl) is a commune in the Nord d√©partement of France. This is the name in its Flemish form.
  • √Čtaples, Pas-de-Calais, is another place in which the word appears but in its French form.
  • Staple, Kent is a village in Kent, England near Sandwich.


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