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Star Crystal

New World Video Cover
Directed by Lance Lindsay
Produced by Eric Woster
Written by Lance Lindsay
Eric Woster
Starring C. Juston Campbell
Faye Bolt
John W. Smith
Taylor Kingsley
Marcia Linn
Music by Doug Katsaros
Cinematography Robert Caramico
Editing by Eric Woster
Release date(s) 1986
Running time 91 minutes
Country  United States
Language English

Star Crystal is a 1986 science fiction movie, directed by Lance Lindsay.



The movie begins in the year 2032, when an expedition on Mars finds a buried egg that they take to the ship. The egg hatches, revealing a crystal and (presumably) a slimy creature that hides on the ship. After the astronauts decided to use the crystal on a large laser cannon, they all die when their air supply runs out.

Two months later another expedition comes on board, but they end up stranded when their shuttle explodes. When they start to explore the ship (in order to repair it and survive until rescue comes), a mysterious creature starts to kill them all, until it takes control of the ship. Then, with only two crew members alive, the creature reveals itself: its name is Gar, the crystal is an advanced computer, and through reading an electronic bible, it discovered that the humans are not as belligerent as it first thought - all the killings, it explains, were just misunderstandings, the creature was afraid of the humans. It repairs the ship and helps the humans to get home.


The movie has been criticized for its inconsistent plot and faulty execution, even for the time. The storyline and the direction are poor, many characters are lengthily introduced only to be killed off soon in the movie, and the alien's motivations don't make any sense.[1]


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