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Star One
Origin Netherlands
Genres Space rock
Progressive metal
Years active 2002–present
Labels InsideOut Music
Associated acts Ayreon
Arjen Anthony Lucassen
Ed Warby
Russell Allen
Damian Wilson
Dan Swanö
Floor Jansen

Star One is a Dutch progressive metal side-project of Arjen Anthony Lucassen of Ayreon fame.



Star One was born out of the remnants of an abandoned collaboration between Lucassen and Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson. Dickinson proposed the idea and the two exchanged ideas and put together four songs, Lucassen writing the music and Dickinson writing the lyrics. The project was abandoned however after Lucassen mentioned the project on the internet and Dickinson's manager called off negotiations. Instead of completely abandoning the material that had already been produced, Lucassen decided to put his own lyrics to the music and created Star One. [1]


The music of Star One is heavier than that of Lucassen's progressive rock opera project Ayreon and draws influences from seventies space rock and blends them with modern progressive metal. They have released one studio album, 2002's Space Metal and a live recording with material by Ayreon in addition to that by Star One. At present there are no known plans for any future Star One releases: Arjen Lucassen has stated that the project was merely a chance to write some less serious, more stylistically unified songs, as opposed to the material he normally writes for Ayreon. The project's name is a reference to the British science fiction television series Blake's 7.


When asked on the "Ask Arjen Anything" channel of communication if there would be another Star One album, Lucassen simply stated "Probably". However, he has since stated that he does not want to make another Star One album:

Space Metal was really magic. I am afraid that I will fail to capture the same atmosphere and actually ruin it! I am actually against sequels; you cannot repeat the same atmosphere and feeling like you had with the first album.[2]

However, in an interview conducted by Ragnarok Radio in October 2009 Arjen stated Star One is "definitely not dead."[3]

In October 2009 in an interview with Arjen said he was working on what might become another Star One album: "In the meantime I will be working on a new, heavier album. Possible a new Star One album, but then again things never work out the way I plan them"[4], and in a November 2009 interview with, Arjen stated that he was definitely working on a new Star One album and that he had already written and recorded a song.[5]

In march of 2010, a "demo listening party" was held where several members of the messageboard were allowed to listen to the first (only instrumental) demo's for the new Star One-album.[6]

Album line-up


Additional musicians

Live line-up

For the live shows, Arjen Lucassen played guitar and synths. In addition, he reprised his vocal role as the "Hippie" character for the songs from Ayreon's "Into the Electric Castle" concept album. Furthermore, Dan Swanö could not commit to the tour, being in the middle of work on Nightingale's "Alive Again". (It's interesting to note that Arjen Lucassen contributed a guitar solo to this album.) Swanö's vocal parts and certain sections of the Ayreon material were handled live by Robert Soeterboek, who has appeared on several previous Ayreon albums. Apart from this, the central line-up was unchanged. The following guest musicians took part in the performance:



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