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For the comic book, see Star Pilot (comic book)
Star Pilot
Directed by Pietro Francisci
Starring Leonora Ruffo
Mario Novelli
Release date(s) 1965
Running time 89 min.
Country Italy
Language Italian

Star Pilot, originally titled 2+5: Missione Hydra, is a low-budget Italian 1965 science-fiction film directed by Pietro Francisci. It stars Leonora Ruffo as Chaena, the commander of a spaceship from the constellation Hydra which has crashed on the island of Sardinia. An Earth scientist and his companions are abducted by the aliens and forced to repair the ship, and are then taken to Hydra for the purpose of genetic research.

Once in space, the film uses stock special-effects footage from Toho Studio's films Kaiju Daisenso (1965) and Yusei Gorasu (aka Gorath) (1962} to depict a pursuit of Chaena's ship and an ecological catastrophe on Earth.

References to "Star Fleet", "Star Fleet Command", "Warp Speed", and "Impulse Drive", were all incorporated into the "Star Trek" television series that followed immediately thereafter. The wardrobe worn by actresses Leonora Ruffo, (1935-2007) and Leontine May, were a less direct influence.

In the fall of 1977, to quickly capitalize on the public's fervor for sci-fi movies following the unexpected success of Star Wars, the film was dubbed in English and released in the United States under a new title.

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