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Star Wars: Battlefront III
Developer(s) Formerly Free Radical Design
Series Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront III is a rumored video game in the Star Wars: Battlefront series.[1] Initially rumored to be developed by Free Radical Design, it more recently was rumored to be developed by Rebellion Developments.[1]


On September 29, 2006, Computer and Video Games claimed Free Radical Design was developing the game, but neither Free Radical Design nor LucasArts corroborated the claim.[2][3]

In June 2008, Kotaku allegedly received information from a former LucasArts employee that Star Wars: Battlefront III was in the creation process.[4] On October 2, Activision Blizzard filed a classification with the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification listing Star Wars: Battlefront III for the Nintendo DS with a PG rating for mild animated violence.[5] Also that month, Free Radical Design announced that they lost the rights to develop Star Wars: Battlefront III; the game at that point had been in development for two years.[6] On December 28, Star Wars character renders bearing a Battlefront III watermark surfaced from a laid-off Free Radical employee.[1]

On January 15, 2009, gameplay footage was leaked from a November 2008 Free Radical in-house showing of Battlefront III footage.[7] The footage was pulled from IGN after LucasArts demanded its removal.[8] Shortly thereafter, a former Free Radical Design employee later said some of the technology planned for the game "is dying". [9] A Pandemic Studios spokesperson in March refuted speculation that Pandemic had taken over the project, saying "the title seems to be up in the air."[10] Later rumors suggested Rebellion Developments had assumed development of Battlefront III.[11] After this, Rebellion Developments announced Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron.


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