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Developer(s) Stardoll AB
Publisher(s) Stardoll AB; Mattias Miksche
Engine Adobe Flash
Platform(s) OS Independent (Web Based Flash) (Flash 7 Required)
Release date(s) April 3, 2002
Genre(s) 8 and up
Media Web interface
Input methods Keyboard, Mouse

Stardoll is a browser game based around the paper doll concept.Its motto is Stardoll: Fame,Fashion and Friends. You can create your own doll, dress up celebrity dolls and decorate a suite.You can also create an album, make friends,design your own clothes,throw parties, and join clubs. Launched in 2006, the website was attracting a reported 200 thousand unique users a month (as of September 2009), who dress up dolls using a range of tools and can participate in interactive activities depending on the type of account they used. There are also very educational games included in the site which improves quick thinking.[1]

Stardoll first appeared as Paperdoll Heaven in 2004 as creator Lisa's personal page on paper dolls grew from its original home on Geocities.[2] It expanded in 2006 after receiving venture funding from Index Ventures[3] and Sequoia Capital.[4] Relaunched in 2006, the site targets a demographic of girls and boys between the ages of 9 and 17, who can either register for free or sign up for a paid account (Called a 'Superstar' account) that opens a number of aspects on the site.[5] The site also has user-run fashion magazines, clubs, instant messaging, and virtual shopping.Superstars can also host parties and can invite up to 10 guests. You must write your virtual invitation and design the room of your choice with different decor,storing up to 30 items in the virtual room. Each Stardoll member is supplied with a personal page and message one another via a built-in chat. The site has drawn interest from celebrities and fashion designers, some of whom are represented on the site either as one of the figures that can be dressed up (such as Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff)[6] or through use of their respective fashions labels.[7] It has been named a Webware 100 winner by CNET.[8] Members of Stardoll are also able to purchase a Superstar account by making an online payment. Being a Superstar allows users to unlock exclusive items that non- Superstars cannot get.

Some critics of Stardoll and similar sites have expressed concerns with the commercial aspect of Stardoll.[9] The site has also experienced controversy around their use of celebrity likenesses without permission from the celebrities' management.[10]


Participating Celebrities on Stardoll (A-Z)

miranda consgrove

  • {Selena Gomez
  • (Demi Lovato

Participating Real Brands On Stardoll


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Stardoll is an amazing site to make friends, dress up dolls and just have fun! Lots of free things there too! JOin now!



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