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"Starfighter" is a science fiction term used to describe small, fast, usually one-manned craft designed for armed combat (cf starship).

The appearance and use of fictional starfighters is often modeled on fighter aircraft, with little regard for the actual physics of spaceflight. Exceptions include the Gunstar from The Last Starfighter, the Viper from the reimagined series of Battlestar Galactica, and the Starfury from Babylon 5, which are capable of multidirectional orientation. In some cases, the Starfighters are used as atmospheric fighters as well, explaining their looks.

Starfighters are popular as the subjects of flight simulator-like space combat video games, such as the "Wing Commander" and "X-Wing" series. This connection was made explicitly as early as the 1984 film The Last Starfighter in which a video game on Earth is used as a recruiting device for an alien civilization whose starfighters require the same skills as the video game.

In the Star Wars universe, a Starfighter is a blanket term for all small combat space craft, regardless of shields, hyperspace capability, weaponry (unless it carries none), armor, maneuverability and crew. "Snubfighter" (a term first used in Star Wars), though no concise definition has been given, often refers to a fighter carrying shielding, secondary weapons systems such as Proton Torpedoes or concussion missiles, and being hyperspace capable. Starfighters sometimes bear mission designations similar to modern fighter aircraft, such as "strike fighter" and "space superiority fighter".



The following are some examples of starfighters from various media franchises:

Babylon 5

Battlestar Galactica

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

  • The Earth Defense Directorate
    • Star Fighter (2-person capacity in tandem configuration, four person capacity in side-by-side configuration)
    • Star Fighter MK II (a tandem-seated Star Fighter with two extra stabilizer fins, used in the second season)
    • Hawk's Fighter (a one-man spaceship with retractable grappling talons, used in the second season)
  • The Draconian Empire
    • Draconian Marauder (also known as a "Hatchet Fighter")
  • Others
    • Scorpion Fighter (generic starfighter frequently used on the series by various villains)
    • Zaad Fighter (nicknamed "Shark" seen in the two part episode Flight of the War Witch)



Space: Above and Beyond


  • The Protoss
    • Corsair-class support fighter
    • Interceptor-class attack drones
    • Scout-class superiority fighter
  • The Terrans
    • Wraith-class superiority fighter


Star Trek

  • Starfleet/Federation
    • Federation Attack Fighter[1]
    • Raider Class Attack Ship
    • Valkyrie-class Fighter (seen in Star Trek: Invasion)
    • Type-3 Valkyrie
    • Wraith-class Stealth Fighter (Appears in Star Trek: Shattered Universe and several novels)
  • Klingon Empire
    • Kronos-class Fighter (Appears in the novel Time's Enemy)
  • Bajorans
    • Bajoran raider
    • Bajoran interceptor
  • Cardassians
    • Hideki-class patrol ship
    • Cardassian Pursuit Vessel (Mentioned by Gul Dukat)
    • Cardassian Fighter (Seen in Star Trek: Invasion, and in the novel Antimatter)
  • The Dominion
  • Romulan Empire
  • Vulcans
    • Vulcan fighter (seen on Enterprise)
  • Talaxians
    • Talaxian Fighter
  • Terran Empire
    • Phantom class Fighter
    • Spectre class Fighter

Star Wars


  • The Galactic Terran Alliance
    • GTF Apollo space superiority fighter
    • GTF Ares strategic assault fighter
    • GTF Erinyes heavy assault fighter
    • GTF Hercules heavy assault fighter
    • GTF Hercules Mark II heavy assault fighter
    • GTF Loki reconnaissance fighter
    • GTF Myrmidon advanced space superiority fighter
    • GTF Pegasus stealth reconnaissance fighter
    • GTF Perseus interceptor
    • GTF Ulysses space superiority fighter
    • GTF Valkyrie interceptor
  • The Parliamentary Vasudan Empire
    • PVF Anubis light fighter
    • PVF Horus interceptor
    • PVF Ptah stealth reconnaissance fighter
    • PVF Serapis advanced interceptor
    • PVF Seth heavy fighter
    • PVF Tauret heavy fighter
    • PVF Thoth space superiority fighter
  • The Shivans
    • SF Aeshma heavy attack fighter
    • SF Astaroth interceptor
    • SF Basilisk heavy attack fighter
    • SF Dragon space superiority fighter
    • SF Manticore interceptor
    • SF Mara space superiority fighter
    • SF Scorpion reconnaissance fighter

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Starfighter (plural Starfighters)

  1. (fiction) A fictional type of spacecraft that is intended to be used like a fighter plane in outer space.
  2. (military, aviation) The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, a jet fighter-interceptor.

Simple English

A starfighter is a fictional type of spacecraft made for combat in space. The word starfighter is based on the word dogfighter. Starfighters are small and fast and most often hold only one or two pilots.

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