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Starship Exeter
Format Science fiction
Created by Jimm & Josh Johnson, based on Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry
Starring James Culhane
Holly Guess
Michael Buford
Joshua Caleb
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 2
Executive producer(s) Jimm Johnson
Original channel World Wide Web
Original airing December 19, 2002
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Starship Exeter is a Star Trek fan film project, one of the earliest of the semi-professional fan film projects that have become an increasingly common fixture of the internet video scene. Although fan films have been produced for almost as long as there have been film fans, they were generally few and far between before the advent of home video. It is only with the two-pronged revolution of digital video production/editing and the advent of internet distribution that they have become something more than a curiosity to be shared by a few intimates. The series has been mentioned by The New York Times and The Register-Guard (Oregon).

Starship Exeter is set within the continuity of the original Star Trek series. It takes place on one of the sister ships of the famous USS Enterprise, the titular USS Exeter, NCC-1706, which appeared in the original Star Trek episode "The Omega Glory".

Produced by Jimm and Josh Johnson for the non-profit Exeter Studio. To date, there is one complete episode, one nearing completion (with all but the fifth, final segment released), and a third in development.



"The Savage Empire" (2002)
Written & Directed by Jimm & Josh Johnson
STARDATE: 4943.5 – The USS Exeter, freshly recrewed and commanded by Captain John Garrovick, is on a mission to save a ship infected with the deadly Canopus Plague. The Exeter must travel to the homeworld of Andorian Lieutenant B'fuselek to find the cure. But Andorian rebels have other plans… and so do the Klingons!
A screen-shot showing the bridge of Starship Exeter in The Tressaurian Intersection
"The Tressaurian Intersection" (2005, partially released)
Teleplay by Dennis Russell Bailey, Story by Jimm & Josh Johnson, Dennis Russell Bailey and Maurice Molyneaux
Directed by Scott Cummins
STARDATE: 5013.1 – Starbase 16 is destroyed and Captain Garrovick's old ship, the USS Kongō, is missing. On a hunt for the perpetrators, the Exeter encounters a strange ghost out of Garrovick's past — the Tressaurians, a savage Gorn-like race responsible for stranding Garrovick on planet Tangaro as a young cadet. Now, the Tressuarians are tampering with a deadly new technology. Can the crew of the Exeter uncover its secrets in time, or will this discovery lead to an even greater threat?
"The Atlantis Invaders" (pre-production)
STARDATE 5792.8 – A code factor one call from the mining colony on Atlantis VI brings the USS Exeter speeding across the quadrant, but when Garrovick and his team beam down, all seems strangely quiet. One by one, miners are disappearing, while the colony director is trying every trick in the book to get the Exeter to leave. Indeed, a stealthy invasion has begun — but who are the real Atlantis Invaders?



Main characters

Picture Character Rank Actor Position
John Quincy Garrovick Captain James Culhane Garrovick is the cousin of Ensign Garrovick, who joined Captain Kirk in an attempt to destroy a mist-creature in the original Star Trek episode "Obsession". Both were nearly killed until Mr. Spock performed a brilliant transporter maneuver (cross-circuiting to "B") that saved both their lives.
Jo Harris Commander Holly Guess Harris is the Executive (First) Officer as well as the science officer of the ship, following the pattern of Spock from the original series. Harris is a human from the United Kingdom on Earth.
Paul Cutty Commander Michael Buford The ship's Chief Security Officer, he served with then-Commander Garrovick on-board the USS Kongō where the two became close friends. The Kongō was commanded by an officer they both looked up to, Captain Kosnett (Garry Peters), who makes a cameo appearance in the second episode.
B'fuselek Lieutenant Joshua Caleb B'fuselek is the Exeter's Andorian communications officer. The makeup is patterned on designs seen in the original series episodes "Journey To Babel" and "Whom Gods Destroy". The character's background is derived from several Trek-based RPGs of the 1970s and 1980s.
Dr. Vincent Azato Lieutenant Commander Joe Azzato Exeter's chief medical officer, Azato studied medicine at the University of Tharsis on Mars. After his residency, he joined Starfleet and served aboard a number of small ships, eventually settling into a long term position at Starbase 11. He requested a transfer to the USS Exeter on Stardate 4773.4.
Vandi Richards Ensign Elizabeth Wheat Richards is the Captain's assistant (this position was referred to as "yeoman" in the original series, but the term hasn't been used in the parts of "The Tressaurian Intersection" that have been released). As a candidate for command training, her assignment to assist the Captain is described by Harris as a requirement for her career advancement.
Alexander Cray Lieutenant Cody Hammock Lt. Cray is the ship's Helm Officer. He is a model officer who has proven himself indispensable to Garrovick and the Exeter team.

NOTE: "James Culhane" and "Joshua Caleb" are pseudonyms, or stage names, for the Johnson brothers.

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