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Sterling Knight as Christopher Wilde and Danielle Campbell as Jessica Olson.
Written by Barbara Johns (story)
Barbara Johns &
Annie DeYoung (teleplay)
Directed by Michael Grossman
Produced by Douglas Sloan
Starring Sterling Knight
Danielle Campbell
Brandon Mychal Smith
Chelsea Staub
Maggie Castle
Dan O'Connor
Beth Littleford
Country United States
Language English
Original channel Disney Channel
Release date February 14, 2010 (2010-02-14)

Starstruck is a 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Sterling Knight and Danielle Campbell.[1] The movie was filmed in Los Angeles. It will be released on Disney DVD and Bluray on June 8, 2010.



In Kalamazoo, Michigan, Jessica Olson and her family prepare for a trip to see Jessica's grandmother in Los Angeles. Jessica's older sister Sara is excited, confident she will be able to find superstar Christopher Wilde, a singer she is obsessed with. As she watches Christopher perform ("Starstruck") on television, she explains that she and her best friend, AJ, have mapped Christopher's actions for the past 18 months. Jessica finds her sister's behavior ridiculous and bets her that Christopher is not as great a person as he seems on TV.

In Hollywood, Christopher meets with Alan Smith, a famous movie director who wants to offer him a starring role in his next movie. Christopher's parents, who double as his managers, believe the role is Chris' next big break. However, because Christopher's popularity and attention seeking girlfriend, Alexis Bender, often land him in the tabloids, Smith's partners believe Christopher is a spoiled punk. Smith asks that Christopher prove he is serious about the movie by staying out of the press for the next few days.

Jessica and her family arrive in California and greet her grandmother and her grandmother's boyfriend, Howard. Sara learns Christopher will be performing at a club for Alexis's birthday and begs Jessica to come with her so that their parents will let her attend. After arriving, Sara has Jessica wait in the car while she makes her way inside. Meanwhile, Christopher's best friend, Stubby, tries to get the paparazzi in the front to leave while Christopher sneaks in through the back to perform. Inside, Christopher and Stubby perform ("Shades") for Alexis. Jessica becomes impatient while waiting and tries to get in to the club through the back, but is hit by Christopher as he tries to get out. Jessica is annoyed, but agrees to be checked out at the hospital if Christopher will take her straight home afterward. However, Christopher has promised to appear at his parents' party and stops there to sing ("Hero"). When Christopher and Jessica finally reach her home, he discovers the paparazzi has been tailing them and is forced to spend the night in Jessica's grandmother's garage.

The following day, Jessica recognizes Christopher in disguise at Malibu Beach. Hoping to get home in a car the paparazzi won't recognize, Christopher asks to borrow her car. The arrival of the paparazzi prompt Jessica and Christopher drive off. While waiting for the paparazzi to leave, Chris takes Jessica on a tour of Los Angeles where she begins to see a new side of him ("Something About the Sunshine"). When they see a paparazzi van trailing them, they turn onto an abandoned path to escape. There, the car sinks into muddy water. Christopher and Jessica get into a fight in which Jessica confronts him about who he is and his relationship with Alexis. He retorts that she doesn't know who he is. After both calm down, Christopher reveals that he's not really interested in being the huge star that everyone wants him to be. Also that he just wants to make his fans happy. After walking back to Malibu beach, Christopher decides that he can't hang out with Jessica because of the paparazzi, leaving Jessica heartbroken. Later that day, news spreads around Hollywood about Christopher spending time with Jessica. Alexis, who finds it hard to believe that Chris could like someone that's not even famous, and breaks up with him ("Hero").

Smith is furious that Christopher has gotten into the press again and tells Christopher he must choose either the movie or Jessica. Christopher claims he has never known a Jessica Olson in an interview, crushing Jessica further. Crying and angry, Jessica tells the paparazzi camped out on her lawn that while she does not know Christopher, they are turning his life into a reality show and taking away his freedom and privacy. Stubby and Chris watch the interview and Stubby leaves, saying that his best friend is "not the guy that's here right now." Stubby tells Chris that he needs to start living his life the way he wants to. Christopher decides to back out of the movie, fires his parents as his managers, and heads to Michigan. He arrives at her school dance and apologizes to her through song ("What You Mean to Me"). As the paparazzi show up, Christopher admits that he lied about not knowing Jessica Olson, and adds that he's "crazy about her." Jessica accepts Chris's apology and agrees to go on a date with him. The movie ends with Stubby singing ("Party Up") while they dance.



Country / Region Network(s) Premiere Movie title in country
United States United States Disney Channel February 14, 2010 Starstruck
Canada Canada Family March 19, 2010 Starstruck
Netherlands Netherlands Disney Channel Netherlands March 26, 2010 Starstruck
Argentina Mexico Chile Venezuela Latin America Disney Channel Latin America April, 2010 Starstruck: Mi Novio es una Súper Estrella


A trailer has been released for the movie on Disney Channel.[4] The music video of the song Starstruck was released January 15, 2010 as part of Disney Channel's Night of Premieres. [5] The music video of Party Up performed by Stubby (Brandon Mychal Smith) was released December 31, 2009 as part of the Disney Channel New Year's Star Showdown. On January 29, 2010, Anna Margaret's music video for Something About the Sunshine premiered.


The premiere of the movie was viewed by 6.5 million viewers.[6]


Soundtrack by Various Artists
Released February 9, 2010
Recorded 2009
Genre Teen-pop
Label Walt Disney
Producer DC Records

The soundtrack was released on February 9, 2010[7]


Track listing

Track Title Length
1. "Starstruck" (Performed by Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight)) 2:55
2. "Shades" (Performed by Christopher Wilde & Stubby) 3:03
3. "Hero" (Performed by Christopher Wilde) 3:17
4. "Something About the Sunshine (duet)" (Performed by Christopher Wilde & Anna Margaret) 3:07
5. "What You Mean to Me" (Performed by Christopher Wilde) 4:17
6. "Party Up" (Performed by Stubby) 3:16
7. "Got to Believe" (Performed by Christopher Wilde) 3:20
8. "Hero (unplugged)" (Performed by Christopher Wilde) 2:33
9. "Something About the Sunshine (solo)" (Performed by Anna Margaret) 3:06
10. "New Boyfriend" (Performed by Anna Margaret) 3:05
11. "Welcome to Hollywood" (Performed by Mitchel Musso) 2:29
12. "Make a Movie" (Performed by Jasmine Sagginario) 3:10


  • "Party Up" is the lead single from the soundtrack, performed by Stubby. The music video, which contains movie scenes, was released on December 31, 2009 as part of Disney Channel New Year's Star Showdown. The single didn't chart until after the movie premiered. It debuted at #23 on Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles (Hot 100 - #123).
  • "StarStruck" is a single from the soundtrack, performed by Christopher Wilde. The music video of the song was released on January 15, 2010. The single debuted at #77 on Billboard Hot 100 week of March 6, 2010 due to the gain of digital download after the premiere of the movie on Disney Channel.
  • "Hero" is a track from the album. The unplugged version was performed by Christopher Wilde at his parent's party early in the movie. He also performed a studio version during a recording session after he and Jessica returned to the beach. It debuted at #57 on Billboard Hot 100 the same week as StarStruck due to the release of the movie.
  • "Something About The Sunshine" (Duet version) is a track from the album, performed by Christopher Wilde and Anna Margaret. A music video for solo version by Anna Margaret was shot, featuring Sterling Knight and clips from the movie, it was released on January 29, 2010 [9]. Only a small part of the song was heard in the movie. It debuted at #81 on Billboard Hot 100.

Chart performance

The soundtrack debuted at #98 on Billboard 200 chart with the sales of 8257 copies. For the week ending of March 6, 2010, the soundtrack faced a surplus in sales, selling 19,058 copies (up 131 percent), it rose from #98 to #23 on Billboard 200 chart.

Chart (2010) Peak
U.S. Billboard 200[10] 23
U.S. Kid Albums[11] 1
U.S. Soundtracks[12] 3


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