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State University System
of Florida
Seal of Florida.svg
Seal of the State of Florida
Established 2003
Type Public university system
Endowment $2.92 billion (Combined)
Chancellor Frank T. Brogan
Students 302,513 (Fall 2008)[1]
Location United States Tallahassee, FL, USA
Campus 11 Member Institutions
Website Official website

The State University System of Florida (SUS, or SUSF out-of-state) is a system of institutions governed by the Florida Board of Governors. Prior to 1905, state institutions were governed by a Board of Education and even earlier variations thereof, reaching back to the Florida Constitution of 1838 wherein higher education and normal education was established, based on grants of land from the U.S. Congress. From 1905 to 1965, the few universities in the system were governed by the Florida Board of Control. The Board of Control was replaced by the Florida Board of Regents in 1965, to accommodate the growing university system. The Board of Regents governed until it was disbanded by the Florida Legislature in 2001, and its authority was divided between the Florida Board of Education (which was given some authority over all levels of public education in the state), and appointed university boards of trustees, which operated independently for each separate institution. In 2002, Floridians led by U.S. Senator Bob Graham passed an amendment to the Florida Constitution establishing a new statewide governing body, the Florida Board of Governors.

During the 2008-2009 academic year, the State University System enrolled 301,135 total students. In total 233,772 undergraduates, and 56,872 graduate and professional students.[1]


Chancellors of the State University System

Term Chancellor
1954—1968 J. Broward Culpepper
1968—1975 Robert B. Mautz
1975—1980 E.T. York
1981—1985 Barbara W. Newell
1985—1998 Charles B. Reed
1998—2001 Adam W. Herbert
2001—2001 Judy G. Hample
2003—2005 Debra D. Austin
2005—2009 Mark B. Rosenberg
2009—2009 John A. Delaney (interim)
2009—Present Frank T. Brogan
Chancellors of the State University System

Member institutions


Colleges and universities

Institution Location Established Endowment Acceptance Rate[2] Enrollment[1] Campus Area
Florida A&M University Tallahassee 1887 0119$119 million 63% 11,848 420 acres (1.7 km2)
Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton 1961 0182$182 million[3] 56% 27,021 850 acres (3.4 km2)
Florida Gulf Coast University Fort Myers 1991 0039$39 million 76% 10,238 760 acres (3.1 km2)
Florida International University Miami 1965 00117$97 million[4] 33%[5] 39,146 573 acres (2.3 km2)
Florida State University Tallahassee 1851[6] 0571$571 million[7] 42%[8] 39,072 1,392 acres (5.6 km2)[9]
New College of Florida Sarasota 1960 0033$33 million[10] 57% 787 144 acres (0.6 km2)
University of Central Florida Orlando 1963[11] 0114$114 million[11] 43%[11] 50,275 1,415 acres (5.7 km2)[11]
University of Florida Gainesville 1853[12] 1250$1.25 billion[13] 37% 51,851 2,000 acres (8.1 km2)
University of North Florida Jacksonville 1969 0095$95 million[14] 66% 15,427 1,300 acres (5.3 km2)
University of South Florida Tampa 1956 0360$360 million[15] 49% 46,332 1,913 acres (7.7 km2)
University of West Florida Pensacola 1963 0061$61 million[16] 70% 11,300 1,600 acres (6.5 km2)

Independent research units

Institution Location Established
Florida Institute of Oceanography St. Petersburg 1967
University Press of Florida Gainesville 1945

Research and enrollment

Institutions Research expenditure (2007)[17] Enrollment (Fall 2008)[1]
Florida A&M University 0017$17.6 million 11,848
Florida Atlantic University 0027$27.3 million 27,021
Florida Gulf Coast University 0011$11.8 million 10,238
Florida International University 0089$89.1 million 39,146
Florida State University 0211$211.3 million 39,072
University of Central Florida 0141$141.1 million 50,275
University of Florida 0635$635.9 million 51,851
University of North Florida 0008$8.4 million 15,427
University of South Florida 0337$337.1 million 46,332
University of West Florida 0014$14.9 million 10,516
Total $1.49 billion 302,513


Student profile

Students[1] Florida[18] U.S. Census[18]
Male 43% 49.1% 49.2%
Female 57% 50.9% 50.8%
Not Reported <1% N/A N/A
Students[1] Florida[19] U.S. Census[20]
African American 14% 16% 12.4%
Asian American 5% 2.1% 4.3%
European American 57% 63.1% 74.1%
Hispanic American 18% 18% 14.7%
Native American <1% 1.4% 0.8%
International student 4% N/A N/A
Not Reported 2% N/A N/A
Academic Standing
Test Scores[1] Maximum
ACT 24.5 36
SAT 1156 1600*
GRE 1089.4 1600
Average High School GPA 3.7 N/A
  • NOTE: Most Florida universities do not take the new SAT writing section into consideration for admission purposes.

Library system

The State University of System of Florida operates one of the largest academic library systems in the world. It manages more than 18 million items[21]. Each campus maintains its own library catalog and also shares an agreement for library reciprocal borrowing. The agreement was called the Florida Distance Learning Iniative and was signed on February 9, 1999.[22]

The physical collections are scattered across each of the SUS campuses. Their collections and stand-alone library buildings are listed in the main article. Due to organizational differences, having more libraries does not directly translate into a higher volume of specific collections of materials.

Tuition differential

During Florida's 2007 Legislative Session, Governor Charlie Crist signed into law SB-1710 which allowed the Florida Board of Governors to charge Tuition Differential of 40% above and beyond the regular in-state undergraduate tuition rates for the University of Florida and Florida State University. In addition the University of South Florida was allowed to raise its rates 30% above and beyond the regular in-state undergraduate tuition charges. This was allowed because these three institutions reached Research Flagship benchmarks that the other universities in the State University System could not achieve.[23]

In 2008, in lieu of receiving increased research funding in excess of $100 million, the Tuition Differential was allowed to now include the University of Central Florida and Florida International University. These two institutions were allowed to raise their in-state undergraduate tuition rate 30% above and beyond the regular tuition rates. This legislation ultimately created a multi-tier system for higher education in Florida's State University System of Florida.[24]

In 2009, Governor Charlie Crist and the Florida Legislature passed an even broader tuition differential for all of the institutions within the State University System of Florida. The new provision allows for a 15 percent annually tuition increase for in-state undergraduate tuition until they reach the national average.[25][26] Governor Crist signed off on the legislation on June 1, 2009.[27]

The expanded tuition differential is not covered by the Bright Futures Scholarship Program, and the stipulation states that 30 percent of the added revenue must go to need-based student financial aid.[28] This legislation was passed due to severe budget restrains caused by the Florida economy.[29]

Notable alumni and attendees

State University System of Florida Member Institutions
Institution Established
Florida A&M University Alumni 1887
Florida Atlantic University Alumni 1961
Florida Gulf Coast University Alumni 1991
Florida International University Alumni 1965
Florida State University Alumni 1851
New College of Florida Alumni 1960
University of Central Florida Alumni 1963
University of Florida Alumni 1853
University of North Florida Alumni 1969
University of South Florida Alumni 1956
University of West Florida Alumni 1963

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