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State or The State may refer to:

In government



  • Sovereign state, a sovereign political entity in international public law
  • Federated state, a political entity forming part of a federal sovereign state
  • State (polity), the state in sociology and political science
  • Nation state, a state which coincides with a nation.
  • State (law), a well-defined jurisdiction, with its own set of laws and courts

The States

In printmaking

Named media


Physical science

  • State (physics) (list of 8 definitions), particularly in thermodynamics, statistical physics, and dynamical systems and chaos theory
  • Thermodynamic state, a set of physical quantities describing variable properties of a given thermodynamic system
  • State of matter, solid, liquid or vapour phases of matter
  • Chemical state, the electronic, chemical and physical nature of an element
  • Quantum state, in physics, the state of a quantum mechanical system given by a vector in the underlying Hilbert space

Applied sciences and mathematics


Other uses

  • State (theology), a degree or stage of perfection in the Christian religion
  • Construct state, in linguistics, a noun form occurring in Semitic languages
  • Adjectivally, or in the phrase "in state", a most elaborate ceremonial form, such as is appropriate to an occasion or personage formally representing the full power and authority of a political state, as in State Visit, State Dress, State Opening of Parliament, State Dinner, etc.

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Proper noun

the States


the States

  1. (informal) The fifty states of the United States.

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