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The Stayman Winesap Malus x domestica (also known as Stayman) is a large to medium apple with a dull red skin often covered with a light russet. The flesh of the fruit is very light greenish-yellow with a crisp texture and a tart, wine-like flavor. This variety is particularly known for applesauce and apple butter, and the fruit stores well.[1].

Stayman Winesaps will grow in climates where the minimum annual temperature is between 20 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The fruit will ripen in October in the more northern climates. The pollen is sterile, as the plant is triploid; pollination must be from another cultivar of apple [2].

The variety was first produced by Dr. Joseph Stayman of Leavenworth, Kansas in 1866, and was introduced to the general market in 1895.

The apple is hard, crunchy crisp, juicy and slightly tangy. Besides being a great eating apple, it holds its shape in pie baking without turning into apple sauce. For a special applesauce treat, cut the apples leaving the skin on. Hold aside about a third while making the rest into a sauce. Then cook the balance but not to sauce stage. Combine all with honey and you have created a sauce with hidden textures and bright spots when mouthing a peel.


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