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Stefan Gevers is a Dutch Born Artist, (1968-) Living in Melbourne, Australia he is known for his Felt Sculpture and Abstracted landscapes. He left The Netherlands in 1993 to travel to New Zealand staying until 1995, he then moved to Australia.

Gevers focuses on overlooked details in the landscape, magnifying evidence of human intervention and presence. In an Australian landscape tradition, his canvases are perhaps related more to the melancholy of Russell Drysdale’s abandoned small towns than the mythological bush scenes of Tom Roberts or Arthur Streeton. There seems an overwhelming feeling of abandonment in the paintings – a stranded car, an old wooden bridge, a crumbling water tank – these might serves as monuments to an abandoned rural past. If we note the absence of people and animals in these images, we are reminded of the flight from farms to the cities, the current drought and water crises along the Murray. As such, a key theme of Gevers’ paintings is a reflection on temporality: the temporal nature of our interaction with nature. These functional, man-made artifacts – the car, the caravan, the bridge, the water tank – once essential elements of the infrastructure of rural life, have now become remainders. The excess leftovers are monuments to an age now passed, the remains after humans have taken what they wanted and then left. While there is a sense of lingering melancholy in these images, their graphic nature reflects a particular artistic practice. The landscape has been abstracted by Gevers, rendered in flat solid blocks in a limited and muted range of colours. The landscape has been stripped back to bare essentials in a process of abstraction in Gevers’ reductive aesthetic which is close to screen-printing or contemporary stencil art.



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