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Stephan Mögle-Stadel, born 1965, is a German journalist and publishing consultant.

Together with Troy Davis, he is chairman of WFM-Germany, of which he is the Founder and President and the author of the bestselling 'Dag Hammarskjöld: Vision einer Menschheitsethik' (Visionary for the Future of Humanity).



He studied at the C.G. Jung Institute for Depth Psychology and he is a member of the Erich Fromm Society for Social Psychology.

He studied in Pädagogik, in psychology and history, after which he completed journalistic training in the Axel Springer company and at the academy for journalism. After which he wrote as an independent journalist for different newspapers.

In 1990, he was a correspondent in New York.

In 1992 whilst he did his alternative national service as a conscientious objector he took part in a UN internship programme.

In 1994 he began to decipher Hammarskjöld's esoteric writings. With the help of hitherto unpublished material and conversations with former co-workers he succeeded in unravelling the background of the plot of 1961. He also succeeded in tracing Hammarskjöld's 'path of initiation', relating it to his public offices and activities.

He also worked for research organisation linked to the Club of Rome from 1996 to 1998.

He also took part as the journalist and NGO representative in 1998 at the Berlin Conference for World Climate Change and in 1993 at the Preparation-Conference for the World Summit in Rio.

WFM-International is a pressure group for the establishing of an International Court of Law for Crimes against Humanity (Rome Conference 1998).

As a travel journalist it reported from Egypt, Israel, India, Japan and the USA.

He worked thereafter within the range of human rights and globalization questions for non-governmental organizations and is since 1998 honorary member of the board in the World Citizen Foundation New York.

published and wrote several books. Thematic emphasis are global globalization, United Nations, Governance, futurology and Psychohistorie. 1999 it published a biography over Trade Union of German Employees Hammarskjöld. Mögle barn is member international Erich piously society for social psychology.

Under the pseudonym Russell McCloud he was an occult-Nazi thriller, 'Die Schwarze Sonne von Tashi Lhunpo' in 1991. (The Black Sun of Tashi Lhunpo)


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He was also the Editor of Boutros Boutros Ghali's book UNorganisierte Welt.

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