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Stephanie "Sugar" Lyn Beard
Born August 27, 1981 (1981-08-27) (age 28)
Scarborough, Canada
Occupation Voice actress, Actress ,Singer
Official Sugabaybee Website

Stephanie Beard (born August 27, 1981 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada), is a Canadian actress, voice actress and television and radio personality. Her radio host persona goes by Suga BayBee, and as co-host of The Zone, she was called Sugar.

From 2001 to 2007, Beard hosted The Zone, a series of short interstitial segments that aired between regular weekday programming on the Canadian children's network YTV. Her distinctive "high-pitched squeaky" voice can be heard on a number of Japanese anime productions that have been dubbed into English, including Sailor Moon (Rini)[1], Beyblade (Ming-Ming) and Mirmo! (Momo Umezono). She voiced Creech from the series of CyberChase.

She has also played Wish Bear in the most recent Care Bears movies, Journey to Joke-a-lot and the Big Wish Movie.[1]

She also plays Kara on Di-Gata Defenders, a show on Teletoon.[1] Another movie that she appeared in is "The Santa Claus Brothers" which is shown frequently on YTV during December. Her voice is often mistaken for that of Tara Strong, who provides the voice for Timmy Turner and Poof in The Fairly OddParents.

Beard's Suga BayBee was also a major character on the Mad Dog and Billie morning show formerly aired on Toronto radio station KISS 92.5. Her performance of "The Real Suga BayBee", a parody of Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady", became a local hit on that station. The song became popular enough that AMVs surfaced by fans and because of this, Beard posted a video on YouTube to thank her many fans.

Beard made cameos in a series of Crispy Crunch television commercials in 2002 with commercial actor Christian Potenza. The slogan of the commercials ("A little different every time") was also the theme, and each commercial was slightly different from the other. Beard's only contribution, (the same in each one), was holding up a record and exclaiming, "Wicked!" One of the commercials was narrated by Beard's character, but not by Beard herself. On January 19, 2007, Beard announced that she will be leaving YTV and heading for California.

About 4 months after The Sweet Sugar Send Off an official video, for the her last Nuclear Donkey song (Z-Dot), was aired on YTV, including her, and Carlos.

Sugar Beard was later, supposed to star in a movie, but that fell through. Because of this, she got the credit for producing a movie, according to her YouTube video, and other sources. She was a special guest for Naru 2 U in Ottawa in November 2008.

Sugar has worked on many movies and is currently shooting two films; Not Quite College and A True Story. Based on Things That Never Actually Happened. ...And Some That Did...but they never ACTUALLY did Both films are in post-production currently by the same company.


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