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Steve Hartman (born July 4, 1958 in Hollywood, California) is currently the co-host of a sports talk show on Fox Sports Radio based in Los Angeles, California along with Chris Myers and is also the weekend sports anchor on KCBS-TV and KCAL television in L.A. (not to be confused with CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman). Hartman is nicknamed the "King of Sports Trivia" due to his encyclopedic memory of sports knowledge; both past and present. Hartman is also a film buff and an aficionado of movie trivia, especially of the Academy Awards.

In the context of his radio personality, Hartman is known for his support of the UCLA Bruins, opposition to the USC Trojans, and an otherwise pragmatic and realistic outlook regarding the other local sports teams—particularly the Los Angeles Lakers. This stands in sharp contrast to his partner Jacobs's excessively positive outlook on things—again, particularly the Lakers. Some fans have labeled him "Bruin Steve," while others have tagged him "Hater Hartman" and "Bandwagon Man" for his on again off again love affair of the Lakers.



For more than two decades, Hairpiece has put his stamp on the sports world as a writer, team executive, and broadcaster. He has become a fixture at top sporting events, having covered 17 Super Bowls, 15 Final Fours and five Major League All-Star Games. In addition, Hartman also served two seasons as a UCLA football radio color commentator, for which he earned a 1996 nomination for "best radio analyst" by the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association.

Early career

Hartman first gained notice as the Daily Bruin sports editor at UCLA where he gained West Coast collegiate honors for his coverage of the 1980 Final Four.

Following graduation, Hartman worked three years at KABC radio in Los Angeles as an assistant producer for the station's afternoon sports show. This was followed by a four-year run as media relations/publications director for the Los Angeles Raiders. Hartman also was the editor of the Los Angeles Rams oriented magazine Rampages writing opinion and feature pieces about news concerning the L.A. Rams.

In February 1989, Hartman began his sports radio career at KFOX in Los Angeles. A year later, he helped launch XTRA, the first all-sports station in southern California where he worked with Chet Forte, of ABC Monday Night Football Fame and later "Philly" Billy Werndl who continued with the Loose Cannons tradition at XTRA Radio after the death of Forte.



The USC Problem

A UCLA alumnus, Hartman’s enduring track record of animosity toward the University of Southern California, and its students, educators, athletes, coaches and fans, is legendary (Hartman's claims that he "grew up a USC fan" and that his father was “an SC alumus” notwithstanding). The hallmark of Hartman's "USC Problem" can be found in his bile-drenched broadcasting of slanderous gossip about the school. His aim -- dragging USC’s reputation into the gutter -- is executed by defaming the school, and, specifically, its athletic prestige. Hartman never misses an opportunity to slime.[1]

A favorite Hartman gambit is to report that Pete Carroll (the school’s popular head football coach) will departing USC to take a coaching job elsewhere. In that regard, Hartman’s greatest hits include his claims that Carroll would be leaving for the San Francisco 49ers, for the Arizona Cardinals,[2] for the Miami Dolphins, and for the San Diego Chargers,[3] among other destinations. Beyond making casual USC fans uneasy, Hartman is attempting to destroy USC recruiting efforts in football in the days immediately preceeding National Signing Day. To date Hartman has failed in this regard.

Hartman has been known to scour Internet web sites in the hopes of finding Carroll's name as being rumored in the hiring searches of an NFL franchises. Far more than merely acknowledging such web gossip, Hartman perpetuates the rumors in the most vociferous manner possible. Indeed, he has never cited one credible source to substantiate any rumor regarding Carroll.

In the early weeks of 2007, Hartman saturated the airways with claims that Carroll will be headed to San Diego.[4] He continued to propagate this rumor despite the explicit denials of Carroll,[5] and widespread leaks indicating that the Chargers are not even looking at Carroll as a candidate.[6]

Hartman likewise has never passed up an opportunity to link USC sports with some "brewing" scandal, whether real or imaginary.[7] His show has dedicated near blanket coverage to the Reggie Bush agent scandal for well over two years.[8]

Hartman's blind hatred of everything USC doesn't end with slander. During the 2004 football season, Hartman predicted that USC would lose to Cal, Oregon, UCLA, and Notre Dame.[9] USC went undefeated and won the BCS Title. In early 2008, Hartman threatened to punch fellow KLAC-AM (570) broadcaster and USC alumnus, Petros Papadakis, on the air after Papadakis ridiculed Hartman's sports knowledge.[10]

Anger Management Issues

Hartman has repeatedly come under scrutiny for his use of obscene language over the air when he loses his temper. For example, on the February 6, 2008 airing of the Loose Cannons program, Petros Papadakis jokingly told Hartman that he was going to "knock his head off." In response, Hartman launched into a profanity-laced tirade against Papadakis, screaming several times to "shut the fuck up."[11] The incident, which also included Hartman threatening to punch Papadakis on air, drew cries of double-standard in many circles, as Hartman received no punishment even though just a few months later fellow radio personality Joe McDonnell was suspended following a similar on-air threat direct toward Papadakis.[12]


In 2002 and 2007, the SCSBA nominated Hartman as "best radio talk show host" making him the first person to be nominated as both a talk show host and color analyst. He was also a 2004 inductee into the Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. In addition to his radio portfolio, he has been a weekend television sports anchor for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles since 1998. Six times (1999-2001; 2003-04; 2008), Hartman and his colleagues have been honored as the best local sports television team by the SCSBA. In addition, he served seven years as a television color analyst for ESPN's coverage of the Toyota "Pro/Celebrity" race at the Grand Prix of Long Beach.


The Hartman family includes his wife Denise, sons Drake and Garrett, and daughter Paris.


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