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Dr. Steve Webber
Steve Webber-Reeves.jpg
Scott Reeves as Steve Webber
General Hospital
Portrayed by Martin Hewitt
Shaun Benson
Scott Reeves
(December 9, 2009-present)
First appearance 1979
Aliases Peter Taylor, Jr.
(named when illegally adopted)
Gender Male
Occupation Chief of Staff
Residence Port Charles, New York

Dr. Steven Lars "Steve" Webber is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. Born 1977, the character has appeared briefly in three different storylines, played each time by a different actor. As as infant in the late 1970s, the character was portrayed by Martin Hewitt. In 2004–2005, the character was portrayed as an adult by Shaun Benson. Most recently, in late 2009 Scott Reeves was cast in the role, with Steve now on recurring status as the acting Chief of Staff at General Hospital.[1]


Character history



Steven's parents are Jeff Webber (played by Richard Dean Anderson) and Heather Grant. Steven's father Jeff is the illegitimate son of hospital administrator Steve Hardy.

When Steven was conceived in 1977, Jeff was a newlywed, married to Monica Bard (Leslie Charleson), who was having an affair with Jeff's brother Rick Webber. Jeff then had an affair with Heather, a scheming nanny, though when Heather became pregnant, Jeff told her to get an abortion, since he wanted to stay with his wife Monica. Heather had the baby (Steven) anyway, and sold him to Peter Taylor and his wife Diana Taylor for $10,000, though she told Jeff that the baby had died. Later, when Monica divorced Jeff, he married Heather in 1978, still not knowing about the child. The relationship was strained when Heather got a job as her own child's nanny -- the child was now going by the name Peter Taylor, Jr. (P.J.). In the winter of 1979, Heather became obsessed with seeing her son. She had planned to put LSD in the adoptive mother Diana Taylor's drink to make her go insane, but P.J. accidentally swapped the glasses, and Heather lost her own mind. Jeff was forced to institutionalize her.

After Peter Taylor Sr. died, Diana learned the truth about Steven while going through her husband's effects, finding a note which said, "PJ is Steven Lars". Afraid to lose her child, she tried to woo Jeff, though at the time he was interested in Annie Logan, a nurse who was Audrey Hardy's niece. He still did not know the child was his, until 1981 when Diana finally told him. Diana and Heather continued to compete for Jeff's attention, and plotting to kill each other to remove a rival. A scuffle ensued, and Diana was accidentally killed by Heather's mother, Alice Grant, though Alice tried to frame Annie Logan for the murder. Jeff then took his infant son (renamed from Peter Taylor Jr. to Steven Lars Webber) and left town, to keep him safe from Heather's plotting. Off-screen, Jeff divorced Heather, married again, and had two more daughters, Elizabeth Webber and Sarah Webber, who grew up in Boulder, Colorado but in 1997 were sent back to Port Charles as teenagers to live with their "grandmother" Audrey Hardy, until Sarah too left the show, going to live with her father.[2]


In 2004/2005, Steven (played by Shaun Benson) returned to Port Charles as an adult. He was working for attorney John Durant (Corbin Bernsen) to get to John's biological daughter Carly Corinthos (played at the time by Tamara Braun). After brief romances, Steven faded into the background after A.J. Quartermaine's murder and hadn't been seen since, nor did he show up for half-sister Elizabeth's wedding.

In 2009, he reappeared as Steve Webber (played by Scott Reeves), invited by his stepmother Monica Quartermaine (née Bard, previously Webber) to be the acting chief of staff at General Hospital, so that she could return to being a full-time cardiologist. He reveals that during the intervening years, he had been running a trauma unit down in Memphis.


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