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Stigma uc lc.svg
Greek alphabet
Αα Alpha Νν Nu
Ββ Beta Ξξ Xi
Γγ Gamma Οο Omicron
Δδ Delta Ππ Pi
Εε Epsilon Ρρ Rho
Ζζ Zeta Σσς Sigma
Ηη Eta Ττ Tau
Θθ Theta Υυ Upsilon
Ιι Iota Φφ Phi
Κκ Kappa Χχ Chi
Λλ Lambda Ψψ Psi
Μμ Mu Ωω Omega
Obsolete letters
Digamma uc lc.svg Digamma Qoppa uc lc.svg Qoppa
San uc lc.svg San Sampi uc lc.svg Sampi
Other characters
Stigma uc lc.svg Stigma Sho uc lc.svg Sho
Heta uc lc.svg Heta

Greek diacritics

Stigma (uppercase Ϛ, lowercase ϛ) is a ligature of the Greek letters lunate sigma (C) and tau (Τ), CΤ, sometimes used in modern times to represent the Greek numeral 6. However, today the letters στʹ (ΣΤʹ, if capitalised) are more widely used to represent the number 6 or the ordinal 6th.

History and use

Greek word στρατόν written with a sigma-tau ligature in a Byzantine manuscript

It is encoded in Unicode as "Greek letter stigma" U+03DA (Ϛ) and "Greek small letter stigma" U+03DB (ϛ). In modern typefaces, lowercase stigma is similar in appearance to final sigma (ς), but the top loop tends to be larger, and extends farther to the right. In historical handwriting, various other shapes existed.

'Stigma' is also a name for the cursive graphic form of the letter digamma when used as the Greek numeral 6. This name is a modern misunderstanding. The ligature of CΤ did not occur in ancient times and only dates to later medieval manuscripts. In Sophocles' Lexicon of Byzantine Greek, which covers late antique Greek up to AD 1000, there is no mention of "stigma" as either a ligature or a number.

Stigma in three common fonts: Times New Roman, Lucida Grande, Arial.

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Simple English

Common letters
ΑaA ΜmEm
ΒbBe ΝnEn
GgGe ΟοO
ΔdDe ΠpPe
hHa ЖжZhe
ΕɛE RrAr
ΖzZe SsEs
ΗeEe ΤtTe
ΘөEth UuU
ΙiI FfEf
JjJe WwWa
ΚkKa ΧxXa
LlEl ОWоwWe
Uncommon letters
Digamma Qoppa
San Sampi
Other letters
Stigma Sho

Greek alphabet

Stigma (uppercase/lowercase Ϛ ϛ), is a sign that was used in the Greek alphabet for the combination of the two letters Sigma (s) and Tau (t). It is also used as a symbol for the number 6 in the system of Greek numerals.

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