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Stomatology is that part of medicine that relates to the mouth and its diseases; originally practiced by physicians, it was a standard medical specialty through the early 20th century but in the U.S. it is now the province of dentists. In Europe it requires a minimum of 3 years' university training beyond the medical degree (Medical doctor), and the same material is studied as part of a dental degree. The specialty is defined within Europe under the Medical Directive 2001/19/EC.


The study of stomatology includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1.1. At the sickness of parodentium:

a)extraction of a dental deposit of over gingival and sub gingival Manual


b) hygiene of the oral cavity

c) Hygiene control

d) gingival periodontal canal

e) Flap operation

f) application of medical – protective band

g) selective filing

h) temporary splinting

2. At the disease of mucous membrane.

2.1. Take material for oral cavity:

- Cytological analysis

- diorrological analysis

- bacterioscopic analysis

2.2. Application irrigation by medicinal agent has done:

- anaesthetization

- anti-infective agent anaesthetization

- enzyme anaesthetization

- by keratoplasty

2.3. Injections Done:

- by pharmaceutical composition

- blockades

- preventive/initial/teeth handling by anticarious agent

- cutter choice

2.3 Preparation of carious cavity of different appearance

- by Bleck

- for composite materials

- tooth stopping with amalgam

- composite material of chemical rejection and light rejection

- glass ionomers cement – 20 teeth and glass ionomers inset

- polish and burnish the stopping

- utilization of modern matrix and retainer during the stopping

- utilization of light reflector wedges during the polymnerization of composites

- gluing up by fissure hermetics

- utilization of temporary filing materials, insulating liners

- treatment of deep caries with utilization of modern liners

- sandwich – technics

- make insets direct method

- utilization of parapulpal nail for the renewal of the crown of tooth

- during the trauma and caries of 4 class by Bleck

2.4. Pulpitis treated by:

- pulp devitalization -

- preservation of viable pulp

- utilize the endodontic handpiece

- extract the coronal pulp and root pulp

- determine the (active) length of teeth canals

2.5. Root canals with

- antibacterial preparations

- chemical preparations

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