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Stone Bridge
Камен Мост
Crosses Vardar River
Locale Skopje
Design Arch Bridge
Total length 214 m
Width 6 m

The Stone Bridge (Macedonian: About this sound Камен мост ) is a bridge across the Vardar River in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. The bridge is considered a symbol of Skopje, and is the main element of the coat of arms of the city, which in turn is incorporated in the city's flag.[1] Most evidence suggests that the bridge was constructed in the 15th century. The Stone Bridge connects Macedonia Square, in the center of Skopje, to the Old Town of the city.[2]



The Stone Bridge is built of solid stone blocks and is supported by firm columns that are connected with 12 semicircular arcs. The bridge is 214 m (702 ft) long and 6 m (20 ft) wide. The guardhouse has recently been reconstructed. [3]


Throughout the centuries, the Stone Bridge was often damaged and then repaired. There is historical evidence that it once suffered during the great earthquake of 1555 which heavily damaged or destroyed four pillars. In 1944, explosives were placed on the bridge by fascists. When Skopje was liberated, the activation of the explosives was prevented and the bridge was saved from a destruction. Many executions have also taken place on this bridge, such as the execution of revolutionary Duke Karposh, King of Kumanovo, in 1689.


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