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A story is a narrative.

Story is a common term for a description of a sequence of events, notably:

  • Bedtime story, a traditional form of storytelling, told to a child to prepare them for sleep
  • Organization story, a narrative used in organization studies
  • Short story, a fictional narrative of briefer length than a novella
  • Stories, or my stories, American slang for television soap opera
  • User story, a method of illustrating software requirements

Story or Stories may also mean:


  • Story, or storey, a floor or level of a building






  • "The Story", a song on the 2005 album A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars



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Simple English

  • when we tell others about a thing that happened, or a thing we thought of: Bob read the children a story; Mary told John the story of her life.
  • a report in a newspaper or on the television news: Did you see the story about George Bush on page 12?
  • a thing we tell others that is not real: Little Johnny said he was a millionaire, but he's not, it was only a story.See fiction
  • in US English, a level of a building: The house has eight stories. (In British English this is a storey).

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