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Storyline may refer to:

  • The plot or subplot of a story;
  • The narrative of a work, whether of fictional or nonfictional basis;
  • The narrative threads experienced by different but specific characters or sets of characters that together form a plot element or subplot in the work of fiction. In this sense, each narrative thread is the narrative portion of a work that pertains to the world view of the participating characters cognizant of their piece of the whole,and they may be the villains, the protagonists, a supporting character, or a relatively disinterested official utilized by the author, each thread of which is woven together by the writer to create a work.
  • The Storyline method of teaching.

Simple English

A storyline is basically what a story is about. It can be found in books, movies, television programs and even video games. It can be either true or not true, but it must have a beginning, middle and end to be classified as something with a storyline.

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