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Stotts Tours
Headquarters 144 Lees Road, Oldham,
Greater Manchester
Locale North West
Service area Greater Manchester
Service type School Bus,
Public Bus (2 Services)
Hubs Manchester, Oldham, Tameside, Stockport
Web site Official Website

Stotts Tours (Oldham), or Stotts for short, is one of the bus companies serving the area of Greater Manchester, England. The company, based in Oldham, operates within the area covered by the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive.




1986 to 1997

Stotts is a family-owned company, which originally set up to operate in the coach business and has been operating from their depot on Lees Road for a number of years as a hire coach, providing day trips and school trips for people in the Oldham area. When deregulation was introduced in 1986, Stotts decided to have a go at running bus services. They acquired old buses, no longer being used, from other companies around the North of England and the Midlands. The company would run several services, all based in the Oldham area. The services were:

  • 398 Grotton - Lees - Oldham - Hathershaw - Ashton (to compete with GM Buses services 409 and 427.)
  • 413 Sholver - Moorside - Oldham - Royton - Thornham (to compete with GM Buses services 170 and 409.)
  • 414/424 Oldham - Holts Estate - Lees - Waterhead - Oldham Circulars
  • 416/417 Limeside - Oldham - Waterhead - Lees - Oldham - Werneth - Limeside Circulars
  • 422 Oldham - Chamber Road - South Chadderton, Butterworth Lane

The company was popular with passengers, as they offered cheaper fares than GM Buses, who were the main bus operator in Oldham and Greater Manchester. The company would continue to operate buses until 1997 when First Manchester, formerly GM Buses North, made an agreement with Stotts to take over some of their services and that Stotts would not be able to provide services for five years. So, with the exception of school services and the coach services, Stotts buses disappeared off the roads of Oldham and the 413 and 422 services were taken over by First. By 2005, those services were withdrawn by First.

2003 to present

In March 2003, Stotts returned to operate bus services but would not be able to run as many services as they previously did. In fact, they started with just one service, the 427 between Grotton and Hollinwood via Lees, Oldham and Garden Suburb. Stotts' service would go head-to-head with First's 427/429 service, which also ran between Grotton and Hollinwood with First's 427 running to Uppermill and the 429 to Greenfield. First ran a Monday-Saturday daytime service of every 10 minutes, while Stotts' only ran every 20 minutes, with some services during the day not running, so they could run school bus services, which they had been doing for a few years before.

Stotts also ran some contracted services from July 2003, funded by GMPTE in Stockport for a couple of years before losing the contract to Speedwellbus. They were the 307/308 (Stockport - Cheadle - Bramhall - Hazel Grove) Circulars services and the 390 (Stockport - Hazel Grove - Poynton - Woodford - Bramhall) service.

After that, they concentrated on running the 427 service plus school services in the Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside areas. One tactic that Stotts used on their 427 service to compete with First was to introduce a maximum fare of 70p. This would help, as First would charge almost double to Stotts. In 2006, Stotts would have to increase that fare, due to increased fuel costs to £1.20, still slightly cheaper than First.

First were obviously concerned by Stotts' presence on the 427 service. In October 2004, they changed their services with the 427 and 429 services replaced by the 180 and 184, continuing to run the 10-minute frequency between Grotton and Hollinwood, with buses continuing to Manchester and Saddleworth or Huddersfield. First also introduced a 20-minute weekday 184 service between Grotton and Hollinwood. The combination of First's 180 and 184 services and Stotts' 427 service saw a bus running every 5 minutes between Grotton and Hollinwood.

After four years, Stotts' 427 service was still running, although the Saturday service was withdrawn in 2007. First's 184 service between Grotton and Hollinwood had changed to run as a 183 running between Grotton and Limeside. In December 2007, it was announced that Stott's will withdrawn operation of the 427 service from 3 January 2008. This meant that Stott's would not be running any normal bus services, although they will continue to operate the school bus services. However, in May 2008 Stotts regained a presence in the Stockport area with Speedwellbus losing the contract to run the 390 service to Stotts[1], taking over the 364 service from Stagecoach Manchester at the end of July 2008 [2].

Services run by Stotts from 2003:

  • 307/308 Stockport - Cheadle - Bramhall - Hazel Grove withdrawn in 2005
  • 364 Stockport - Woodbank Park - Bosden Farm - Stockport - Heaton Moor Circular from 27 July 2008
  • 390 Stockport - Hazel Grove - Poynton - Bramhall withdrawn in 2005 - resumed operation from Speedwellbus in May 2008 - Stagecoach Manchester operating all journeys from Sept 2009
  • 427 Grotton - Lees - Oldham - Garden Suburb - Hollinwood withdrawn from 3 January 2008


Below is a list of services as of August 2009:

Public Services

This is a list of public services run by Stotts:

No. From To Via Notes
41 Dukinfield Ashton-under-Lyne Dukinfield, Ashton-under-Lyne Monday to Friday daytimes since 13 December 2009
337 Ashton-under-Lyne Crowhill (Circular) Ashton-under-Lyne, Crowhill, Ashton Moss, Ashton-under-Lyne Monday to Friday daytimes since 13 December 2009
364 Stockport Stockport Woodbank Park, Bosden Farm, Woodbank Park, Stockport, Heaton Norris
407 Oldham Denshaw Moorside, Pennine Meadows, Grains Bar

School Services

This is a list of school services run by Stotts:[3] [4] [5]

No. From To Via Notes
59 Royton and Crompton School Rushcroft Shaw
121 Delph Hulme Grammar School Uppermill, Grotton, Springhead, Lees and Oldham
122 Greenfield Hulme Grammar School Grasscroft, Grotton, Waterhead, Oldham
125 Mottram The Blue Coat School Stalybridge, Smallshaw, Abbeyhills
127 Gee Cross The Blue Coat School Godley, Dukinfield, Stalybridge, Abbeyhills
130 Stalybridge The Blue Coat School Ridge Hill, Ashton-under-Lyne, Hathershaw, Oldham
Oldham Saddleworth School Scouthead, Delph, Carrcote (350) 350 runs in the morning, 183 runs in the afternoon
Oldham Saddleworth School Lees, Grotton, Grasscroft, Uppermill 184 runs in afternoon only
427 Kaskenmoor School Oldham Garden Suburb
435 Crompton House School Rochdale High Crompton, Turf Hill
557 The Blue Coat School Oldham Mumps Sholver, Denshaw, Delph
770 Waterhead St Damian's Science College Lees, Holts Estate
774 Oldham New Charter Academy Greenhurst Campus Abbeyhills, Holts Estate, St Damian's Science College
793 Alkrington Crompton House School Middleton, Mills Hill, Royton
794 Rhodes Crompton House School Moston, Radclyffe School, North Chadderton Lower School, Royton
807 Denshaw Oldham Pennine Meadows, Moorside Morning journey only
823 Thornham North Chadderton School Lower Building Royton
828 Mossley Saddleworth School Greenfield Morning journey only
829 Littleborough The Blue Coat School Rochdale, Milnrow, Newhey, Shaw
830 Royton and Crompton School High Crompton Royton, Thornham
831 Thornham North Chadderton School Upper (morning only) and Lower Building Royton
832 Shaw, Wren's Nest North Chadderton School Upper Building High Crompton, Royton
839 Roundthorn St Annes R.C. Primary School Glodwick
870 Ridge Hill St Damian's Science College Stalybridge, Copley High School, Millbrook, Mossley Hollins High School
887 Lane Head St Cuthbert's RC High School Daniel Fold, Greave, Sudden, Castleton
893 Alrkington The Blue Coat School Moston, Coalshaw Green, Chadderton
913 Our Lady's RC High School Sholver Oldham Mumps, Moorside, Pennine Meadows


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